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Lattaland’s Best Of 2012: Forces Of Geek

Josh Latta
@joshlatta |

Best Movies: Killing Them Softly: What a crying shame this movie went over with a thud. From the jarring opening sequence to the hilarious last line. This movie was like heroin to me; totally awesome.  Marley: Look, I’m not really a Bob Marley fan, but one cannot deny he lived quite an interesting life. Just think of how good he woulda been if it weren’t for the Jah bullshit.
Best TV Shows: Boardwalk Empire: Proof that TV is better than movies.  Comedy Bang Bang: Proof that TV is better than podcasts.
Best Books (non-fiction): The Dark Side Of Disney by Leonard Kinsey. Kinsey gives us all of the tips, tricks, scams, and stories that’d have Walt rolling in his cryogenic grave. I love a good scam, especially at a beloved theme park. Life After Deathby Damien Echols SPOILER ALERT  Damien talks about how he killed those kids and got away with it too, dude. Just kidding.

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Erin’s Christmas Gift

All Erin wants for Christmas is for you to ‘like’ her Down to the Crossroads page.

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9sense Xmas

Pour yourself a little eggnog and join the princess of darkness, Erin Cassavaugh as she DJ’s the darkest of Christmas songs allowed by law.

From all of us in Lattaland and our friends at 9sense, have yourself a satanic little Christmas.

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Melanie’s Boyfriend’s Avatard

Merry Christmas, Melanie’s Boyfriend!


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The Casket Creatures

The Casket Creatures

Members: Vocals – Eddie Cadaver, Guitar – James Von Ghastly, Bass – Victor Rottenfeller, Drums – Dr. Creep Guitar – Derek Obscura

‘Like’ The Casket Creatures on Facebook. 

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Katie And Bug’s Avatard

Merry Christmas, Katie and Bug! This avatard is from Katie’s sexy friend, Big Jim.

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Manolis’ Avatard

Merry Christmas, Manolis. This avatard is from your loving wife, Lucile.

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Adam Lamb’s Brother’s Avatard

Merry Christmas, Adam’s brother!

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Kari and Joe’s Avatard

This avatard comes from your BBF, Natalie. Happy Holidays, you action-packed couple, you!

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The Tipsy Docent

Coming January 31st to the Windup Space: The Tipsy Docent. What’s the Tipsy Docent? Glad you asked. It’s a drunken history lecture on Parasitology, Mourning Jewelry, Artic Exploration, Holography, Conspiracy Theories, Baltimore/War of 1812, 3D Printing (designer for Makerbot), Taxonomy, History of DC Hardcore, and other thrilling topics, or any kind of topics on Erin Death’s plate.

Won’t you join us?

The Tipsy Docet

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Cameron’s Dad & Grandparent’s Avatards

Merry Christmas, Al and Wanda. Not in that order.

Happy Holidays, Barry and Max.

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Pierre Fermat Illustration

Here’s a cover for a translated  book of renaissance French mathematics by  Jim Nicholson.

The subject is Pierre Fermat. He invented calculus, statistics, analytical geometry and corrected Galileo about the orbits of bodies, and he has Fermat’s principle in optics named after him.

Needless to say, every time someone challenged him about proofs and such, he came through. A man after my own heart.

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