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Benjamin DeCasseres has a Facebook Page


Poet, Journalist, Iconoclast, Benjamin DeCasseres has a Facebook Page.  Give it a good ol’ fashion ‘like’, won’t you?

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RIP Rhian R.

I’m saddened to report that friend to all, Rhian R. lost her gallant fight against Lupus yesterday. I confess, I didn’t know her all that well, but all the interactions I had with her ranged from pleasant to down right flattering. The world is short a kind human being.

      May snow plows and black ice not pose a hinter.

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Kirk’s Family’s Avatard

Remember, the family that slays together stays together.

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Walter, isn’t it a shame how our little world has changed?

While I didn’t get to spend as much time with Walter as I would have liked, I will always treasure the times we had.

Men rarely live half the life he did and better men are even twice as rare that. Speaking of men, it sure seemed Walter preferred the company of animals over people.  Why not? Animals are always nice. People aren’t.

That man sure loved the hell out of his family. I sure wish I got Erin up to Montana just one last time. I guess one thing he’d get, its being broke. If its two things he’d get, its being broke and looking good being broke.

Walter was always happy to see you and never applied the guilt trips like it wasn’t enough time or it’d been too long. I appreciated that. My parents like the guilt, it’s always with the ‘you’re only staying for a week?’ with them. But I digress.

I’ll always carry a comb for ya, Walter.

I’ll always miss you too.

The only good news is, out of it all, ya beat the system. Lets see ’em collect your hospital bills now!

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Down To The Crossroads: I eat my roast beef by the spoonful.

Hey, friends of the devil & friends of mine. Listen up. Erin’s got another Down To The Crossroads in the can, err, canned deviled ham for your disapproval.

Erin takes a satanic look at variations of the same unholy song, and the good news is, the song is  all about drugs.

Come on, a spoonful? What does anyone use a spoon for, anyway? Eating? I think NOT, true disbelievers.  Give it a sacrilegious spin, won’t you?


Down to the Crossroads – Episode 7 – I eat my roast beef by the spoonful.

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Abra, George & Ruby’s Avatard


Happy trails, partners!


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Terri’s Avatard

I told you I can draw nice avatards.

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Kate’s Avatard

My pal Kate can kick your ass.

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Sneak Peak: All Keith And The Girl’s Guest From The 54 Hr Marathon

Check it out! Here’s the final art for the kickstarter reward poster for the KATG 54 hr marathon. It’s going on RIGHT NOW, DUDES!

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Dale’s Avatard

Here’s my dapper pal, Dale. I can only respect a well-dressed man.

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The Devil in Mr.Latta: An Interview

Hello, fiends! Welcome back to the most unhallowed place on the web, Lattaland! While you’re here in the hoary netherworld of my website, won’t you listen to this diabolical, and quite frankly satanic interview with me on 9sense?  It’s a pretty great  and scandalous conversation, if I do say so myself.  Forward to the 50 minute mark, to get to the interview, like,  if you are in a hurry to get to a fire or something.

Happy listening, cloven foot one!


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Angie’s Family’s Avatard

Happy anniversary to my good friends, Angie and Tony.  Say ‘hi’ to Bella and Gabby for me.

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