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Avatards For Valentine’s Day


Hey, Lattaphiles! You know that Valentine’s Day is coming, and you ain’t gonna get away with another year of grocery-store flowers or the ol’ ‘made up holiday’ excuse again, are you? Of COURSE not. Why would you? That’d be stupid.


Don’t worry, Lattaland has you covered. Give the gift of a unique, hand-drawn, one-of-a kind avatard of you and your sweetie, and for one week only (Sunday to Sunday) for only 50 bucks! That’s right, you get a kooky thematic, action-packed cartoon drawing of you and your lover for 50 bucks. Includes .gif, jpeg and high-quality PDF for print. I can’t believe it myself!



Well, what are you waiting for? Get your couples avatard today. Sooner the better, you know, for V-Day.  Just hit the paypal button below and send me some juicy photos (and it’s helpful if you let me know a few things about your likes and dislike) at


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Sole Full Guy


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Fabio’s Avatard


Guess where my good friend Fabio is from.

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Inside Lattaland Studio

lattaland studios


Welcome to the NEW (well, four months old) Lattaland studio.

I have some medium sized news to share soon!

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There is a Grandpa that never goes out


Grandpa gets a second career as a mope rocker.

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Ye Ole Sketchbook

batman turd erin and josh

I forgot to mention I got a sketchbook for Christmas.

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Milton’s Family’s Avatard


Milton has bought a wing at Lattaland by now.

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On A Roll


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Julio Iglesias


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Happy Birthday, Mom!


Everybody please wish my Mom a happy birthday.

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Jill’s Avatard


Happy birthday to my good friend, Jill.

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