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Women “R” The Same Everywhere.


Second Best Medicine Comic for


Go to‘s facebook page and see the final version of this comic.


Happy Photoshop Phriday


I fought in a photoshop war.

Jamie’s Avatard


Thanks, Jamie! I hope all three of you love this avatard.

Happy Birthday, Kevin I. Slaughter


Happy birthday, Rev. Kevin I .Slaughter from Underworld Amusements. 

Happy 4th Of July from Lattaland

4th of july 2014

From all of us in Lattaland® to all of you in Jerkwater Town, have a happy 4th Of July…and many more!

Happy Phorth Of July Phriday


Happy Phorth Of July!


Coming Soon…


I hope you guys like sneak peeks, cuz this is one.

Hey, Look! Jared Cullum Drew Us.

erin josh jared cullum

Someway, somehow our friend  Jared Cullum saw our souls and watercolored the hell out of them. I really love Jared and admire his mastery of caricature. Don’t take my word for it. Check out 


Gladstone Gander


Gladstone Gander is my favorite comic book villain. Most likely, because he is me.



How come Gizmoduck has an “R” on his chest? I guess some things man wasn’t meant to know.

Mike Patton Oswald


You want it all, but you can’t have it.

Old Man Logan


Here’s where I post drawings of characters from movies that came out 5 weeks ago.

Grandpa Is Murder


Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in “The Curse of the Flying Hellfish” is more Barks-like than all Don Rosa’s duck comics combined.

Happy Father’s Day Avatard


Happy Father’s Day to the founder of Lattaland.

Happy 80th Birthday, Donald Duck!

Cripes, I remember Donald Duck’s 50th birthday well. I guess we are both old birds.

Cock n’ Bull


My pal Allen is becoming my patron. Thanks for the fun commission, dude!

Robb Graves Avatard


This unholy avatard is for my gentlemanly pal Robb Graves.