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Happy Easter from Lattaland


Boy George Was Right: War IS Stupid pt.2


Thank God It’s Photoshop Phriday


two erins

Thank God (LOL) it’s Phriday.

River’s Avatard


This one is for River from his Mom, Sarah. Thanks for letting me draw this.

Trey’s Avatard


Guess what Trey does for a living?

Nicole & Megan’s Avatard


Don’t let my good friends Nikky & Meg fool you, they will paint in your blood.

Elayne’s Avatard


See? I can draw nice things too.

Grim and Bare It.


Kimber Bat’s Avatard


Kimber Bat is a witchy woman.

Utz “R” We pt. 3

Utz Snacks™   may have blocked me from posting on their timeline, but they can’t stop me from sharing my salty goodness to all y’all here, in LattalandⓇ.

Don’t forget to follow the flavor supreme Utz “R” We© on Tumblr.

Jungles Of Hollywood Poster


I’m proud to be part of Amulet’s Spring/Summer launch.

Model: Darla Harland


It’s The Brimstones


Melody’s Dad’s Avatard


Happy birthday, Melody’s Dad!

Zombie Gras 4 Zombie Family


If you are in Baltimore, March 29th and like gross bloody guts, then I will see you at Zombie Gras. I’ll be drawing pictures of eyeballs n’ stuff for you at the world-famous Geppi Entertainment Museum. 

Check a peek at the art I did for an upcoming promotional postcard. Oh, I guess you already did that.

See ya there!

Boy George Was Right: War IS Stupid



The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 5 with Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta

TBC episode 5 with Josh Latta

Wanna  hear me talk about tracing paper? I said, DO YOU WANNA HEAR ME TALK ABOUT TRACING PAPER? Of course you do, silly billy.

Well, then, smart guy, check out this ever so delightful interview  by Scott Perez Fox with yours truly on The Busy Creator Podcast. 

Take it away Scott:

 Prescott speaks to Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta, on how he got started in art, his daily workflow and routine, and making a name for himself on the Internet. We also dissect the difference between a cartoonist and an illustrator, and question the use of hand-drawn vs. typeset lettering in comics.

Sounds dope!

CLICK HERE FOR The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 5 with Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta

Just Married With The Brimstones


Scott Perez Fox’s Avatard


Check out this 401st avatard featuring my pal Scott Perez Fox and his little pal Buzz from The Busy Creator!