Avatards! Now easier than ever!

Say, have you ever wanted an avatard but had no idea just how to go about getting one? Have you ever wanted an avatard, but didn’t want much interaction with me? Well, you, my friend(?) are in luck.  Like the title of this post so boldly states, getting an avatard is easier than ever. Gone are the days of all the ‘donation’ speak. Gone are the days of paying as you see fit. Now, you can choose between three price points and send your pic to me through this site and you don’t have to sweat the eternal question ” How much cheddar do I really need to give to this loser?”

I gotta make a go outta this, folks. I am otherwise virtually unemployable. Whatever though, I can draw the hell out of you.

By the way, be on the lookout for the Avatard Facebook ad.(More on that soon.) If you see it, by all means press the ‘like’ button, spread the word and love me more.


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