Get Custom Avatars

Wondering how to get your very own custom avatar to use on

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any way you see fit?


Do you want a high-quality cartoon drawing suitable for print?


Are you looking for a unforgettable and unique gift for a loved one?


I’ll create one for you!




You’ve come to the right place to get avatarded and here’s how:


-$30 Basic Avatard package

  • A zany cartoony caricature of you
  • Includes .gif, jpeg and high-quality PDF for print

Fill out this form, send me some juicy photos, and it’s helpful if you let me know a few things about your likes and dislikes – such as if you enjoy walks on the beach or smoking banana peels.

 -$40 More to Love  Avatard package

  • Kooky thematic, action-packed cartoon drawing of you
  • Includes prop, and some background  elements and lots of fun detail
  • Comes with .gif, jpeg and high-quality PDF for print

  I’ll create a one-of-a-kind illustration unique to you, usually within two weeks. Rush service is available too, for you last minute shoppers.


 -$65 Super Deluxe Avatard

  • an absolutely bananas caricature of you  and somebody else of your choice
  • Drawing includes props, theme, background, vehicle and all the insane detail I can fit in
  • jpeg, gif, high quality PDF for print included


So, what are you waiting for?


Questions? Contact me via

-$30 Basic


  -$40 More to Love


  -$65 Super Deluxe




I can avatar the entire family too! Contact me for pricing and details. 



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Your Message

I understand that you will provide a completed cartoon likeness using the information I am submitting. Minimal changes and additions to the resulting illustration are sometimes free but may require additional negotiation.

I agree with the terms, already. On with it man.
Click here to submit form, then checkout with paypal.

The fine print: I’m happy to make small changes or corrections, but major edits and added illustrations may require an additional fee.







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