Batman Dark Knight Returns Artist /Gallery Edition

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All three of my blog readers are already hip to this, but if you stumbled upon this website by happenstance, let me catch y’ up. I love Batman. I mean, like, how could I not? I was 12 in 1989. It was illegal to not love Batman back then. I guess that doesn’t exactly explain why I love him today, a million years later, but still, I never got over this goofball crap. Goodness knows I didn’t love Batman the whole time. Goodness no! How could I? Most Batman movies and comics if we are honest are pretty much awful. I guess what I am getting at, is I love THIS Batman.

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Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns is the definitive Batman story. It should have been the last. I’m a huge Frank Miller fan, so this felt like the first place to take the plunge on one of these giant oversized IDW artist editions. The price point, no jiving, is scary, sure, but I’ve looked at this book 420 times since the 3rd of July (RIP America)


Isn’t it breathtaking? Best one hunde- uh, let’s not talk price in front of th’ mrs.  Let’s just say my pals at Geppi’s hooked me up.

Besides the book being gigantic, life sized high res reproduction of the original art, (it’s over 75% complete) you got these cool translucent page overlays that show you how Frank Miller reinked some of  Klaus Janson inks. It’s really interesting the book gets progressively looser, more idiosyncratic and further away from the traditional super hero style. You really notice the shift with the final showdown with The Joker. 

Seriously, I’ve enjoyed this book so much, I have a Jack Davis EC horror Artist Edition sitting in my Amazon cart. Jeez. Looks like I need to sell some toys, organs or pot.

Any readers need those things?

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Yes, really.

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