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Kathrine’s Brother and his new Bride’s Avatard

Congratulations you two heroes!

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Brittnie And William’s Wedding Avatard

Congrats and may the force be with y’all crazy kids.

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John Shaw’s Avatard

For the love of Satan I do these.

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Michael’s Second Avatard

Here’s another for Michael.

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Christine’s Avatard

This one is for the lovely Christine.

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Joahim’s Avatard

I’m still doing these.

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Michael’s Avatard

I still do these.

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Freddy’s Family Avatard

Merry X-mas!

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Allen’s Girlfriend’s Sister’s Family Avatard


Merry X-Mas!

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Brian’s Avatard


Marry X-Mas, Brian.

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Sherisa’s Avatard


Sherisa is a swashbuckler.

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Kyle’s Avatard


Happy birthday, Kyle!

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Adam & Melissa’s NEW Avatard


Adam & Melissa are true Pokemon hunters.

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