It’s Totally 80′s Game

Do you remember the 80’s? You DON’T? Well, then. This game won’t be a lotta fun for you, so like, go away, dude.  Just kidding. Don’t go. Your ol’ pal Josh will catch you up to speed.  The 80’s were a glorious time when cocaine wasn’t addictive and love was free.

Oh wait, that was the 70’s.  Sorry about that. Well, one thing I can say about the 80’s is that you were allowed to smoke in malls back then, which is kinda cool. I mean, I guess.

Back to the game: TBS have a show coming in November called ‘ Glory Daze’ that is set in the 1980s. I illustrated 60 images that represent pop culture references from the 80s. They will pop up in a flash card game that allows you to guess what the images represent. There are three levels: easy, medium and hard. You will progress levels if they get a certain amount correct in the previous level.

…and before you ask, yes, I got to party with the cast and crew of  ‘Glory Daze’.

Well, what are you waiting for, the 2080’s? PLAY THE GAME!

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