Keith and the Girl drawings

Greetings all!
To cope with life after the cruise and the end of my vacation I drew a coupla three members of the zany and kooky cast of Keith And The Girl.

For the three of you out there doesn’t already know, Keith And The Girl is a hilarious podcast that happens 5 days a week and follows the exploits and pratfalls of the hosts, Keith and Chemda, boyfriend and girlfriend living in sin and hilarity ensues.

Let the careworn be gay, I always say!

I’m sure that’s not how they’d describe it, but I’m no scribe, I’m a scribbler!

(buy my comics)

Just go and listen!

I listen most everyday. It’s a welcome distraction for those of you like me that works from home and in front of a blurry monitor. At least I hope it’s the monitor and not my eyesight slipping.

Here’s the drawings already.

Our hosts, Keith and The Girl!

Keith McNally on video!

Superfan Firefighter chick- sorry fellas, this one is censored!

Yowsa! It’s Jmac!

and, as they say in Mexico- El-me-o!

I have nothing to do with the show, but hey- I can draw myself, right?

What? Did I hear you ask, “Hey, Josh Latta! I ‘m not on Keith and The Girl but I’d love to join your freakout party and get my own custom avatar?”

I’m glad you aksed, everybody-

With a small donation to lattaland, you get a custom drawing of yourself!

“How do I donate?”

It’s simple really, well- it’s not that simple. I can’t figure out how to post a paypal button on my wordpress page-

So, like- Hit me up at lattaland(at)



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