NEW Batman Movie Sketches

I don’t know if you all have heard, but there is a new Batman movie coming out this summer.  Yeah, I know. It’s all, like, on the hush-hush n’ junk.

To celebrate, I sketched all the zany mainstays of the next vehicle. I am pretty stoked, natch, and you should be too. I will be selling these sketches and many, many more at America’s favorite comic book convention, Heroes Con!

What, you think I am above drawing capes at a comic book convention? Think again, fanboy.

If all goes right, I will be selling these as well as commissions all day from June 22 to June 24th.

Heck, I may even offer original comic art commissions right here through my site.

Would you guys be into that? No? Who asked you, naysayer!

Anyway, we will see you at the movies, and Heroes Con too.


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