Things Go Better With That’s a horrible thing to say, Josh Latta!


Keep the pictures coming, everybody. Like The cramps once sang, ‘You got Goo-ood taste!

horrible thing to say

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Photoshop Vs Phriday


What movie are you seeing this Phriday?

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Li’s Friend’s Avatard


Happy birthday!

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Heroin Is So Passé.


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Shanon’s NEW Avatard


This one is for my good friend Shanon and her husband who is equally into cosplay.

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Celebrity Stools


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The Novel Sound : Ep 84 – Offend in Every Way


“Each comic has the sting of a dirty joke whispered into your ear from your boozehound uncle at a St. Patrick’s Day party. Sure, it seems offensive but they’re just tasteless enough to induce groans and gasps rather than pure gorge-rising bile explosions from less sensitive artists. Latta’s shocks are quick and guilt-free. Nothing is safe. But the horror passes and fades. And perhaps that’s why each cartoon is superimposed on a cocktail napkin. – there is a keen awareness that each comic is only a sweaty hi-ball glass away from being wrapped around a used cherry stem and tossed into the trash after last call.”

-Erik Carlson

Check out this shockingly spot-on playlist Erik picked forThat’s a horrible thing to say, Josh Latta!” He gets it. All my favorites are there. Give it a listen, Lattaphiles.

Ep 84 – Offend in Every Way

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Fetish Funnies


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WANTED: More Readers of “That’s A Horrible Thing To Say, Josh Latta!” like Ashley Holt and more!


Another satisfied reader!

Thanks, Lattaphiles. Keep ’em coming!

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James’ NEW Avatard!


This is James and his buddy Martin Shkreli breaking the million dollar Wu Tang Clan record over Oliver Twist’s head.

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Stark Grave-ing Mad


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