Bruce’s Avatard


Happy Halloween, Bruce!

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Rumi & Schone’s Avatard


Happy Halloween, Rumi & Schone!

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Marie’s Avatard


Happy Halloween, Marie!

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October Spawned A Monster (Avatard Special!)


Good evening, Boils and GHOULS! Oh, excuse me. Good morning boys and girls.  Hallow’s Eve is almost before us and it’s time to break out the creepy cobwebs and cardboard skeletons to decorate your humble abode.


Still don’t feel creepy enough? Then decorate your facebook, twitter and forum posts with your own unique Halloween custom avatard of yourself!


That’s right, beasts! To celebrate Halloween I will draw you as your favorite monster, like, Godzilla, Jimmy Carter, something satanic  or a creation of my own for 25 devilish dollars.


Come on, fiends, that’s how much you’ll spend on Halloween candy!


What are you waiting for, Christmas? Well, don’t.  This  25 dollar monsterly satanic promotion ends on Nov.1st.  First come, first serve, or should I say, first sever?

Email me.

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More Halloween Laffs


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Halloween Funnies


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SpongeBob Comics 25 Now It Can Be Told

Good evening, Boils and Ghouls!

Or morning, depending on when you read this.

I think it’s safe to admit, three years later, that I ghosted (Boo! Did I scare you?) a four-pager Spongebob Squarepants Halloween comic story adventure.Yeah, I know, only three pages are here, but I lost the last one, and besides, you should travel back in time and buy this one. Support the arts, cheapskate.

Basically, what I did, which admittedly, wasn’t much, was thumbnail the layouts and the far superior in every way, Stephen DeStefano made it look beautiful. It truly was a honor to work with him. I’m still up for working without credit, dudes. Hook me up…and SATAN!


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Hear my voice. Hear my voice.


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Duffy’s Gun Room T-shirt


The great part of being wholly apolitical is that you get to do wonderful shirts for gun shops.  I’m quite proud of this one.



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Coming Soon To A Theater Near You…


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Old Folks


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