Rashy Rabbit (Volume 1) Is Here!

It’s here, man, it’s here! At long last, Rashy Rabbit Volume 1 is in my grubby meat hooks.  Sure, I mean, you COULD look at it as reprints of ‘A Rabbit In King Arthur’s Food Court’ and ‘Droppin’ Anchor,’ but dude, like,  it’s in color and it’s BIG! That’s how my comics were always meant to be seen, in 64  pages in full garish color.

Rashy Rabbit Vol. 1 has a Franco Belgium album vibe to it. I suspect I will be celebrated or  tarred and feathered  in France. Possibly both.  This baby is going worldwide.


While I am making grandiose comparisons,  I would say it’s Furry Freak Bros meets Donald Duck.  So if you like to smoke grass and wig out to Yesterdayland, than this is the comic event for YOU! Let’s here it for me!

Look, I can tell you to buy Rashy Rabbit Vol. 1 on Amazon.com until I am blue in the face like the smurfs I so often plagiarize, but I know you’ll do what you want to do.

Fine, I get it. It’s a free fuckin’ country.  But I will make two final suggestions. Come say ‘hi’ to me at Heroes Con (June 22 through 24th).

The next suggestion is to sit back and enjoy hipstermatic photos of a hot chick reading Rashy Rabbit. Think you can handle that?



Click away for a Rash-Tastic adventure!

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