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Get Ducked

Cartoons are for kids!

Most of these images were stolen from here. 

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Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

What? Why didn’t anyone tell me that there is a large historical comic movie and cartoon character collection in a variety of venues nestled In its historic Camden Station a scant 8 miles from my home? (Please don’t try to find me, psychos.)

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Presto Chango

Sometimes a client will change their mind when I am pretty far along in the process and ask for a completely new design for a character.

…and you know what? Sometimes the client is right.


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Joy Of Hack Pt 3

I contemplated suicide today, but decided that I didn’t want my last piece of “art” to be an animated short about braces shaped like chess pieces.


chick here for ch*ssm*le animation

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Spit Takes Take 1

Ordinary I am not allowed to post my commercial animation here. Today is no exception.

Hey, it isn’t every day you get asked to animated a buncha charcters spitting out their respective beverages in disbelief.  Well, maybe YOU do, but I don’t.

Anyhoo, here’s some animated gifs. Sans backgrounds, animation, fun  and/or other sensitive material.

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