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Christine’s Avatard

This one is for the lovely Christine.

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Joahim’s Avatard

I’m still doing these.

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Allen’s Girlfriend’s Sister’s Family Avatard


Merry X-Mas!

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Brian’s Avatard


Marry X-Mas, Brian.

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Sherisa’s Avatard


Sherisa is a swashbuckler.

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Adam & Melissa’s NEW Avatard


Adam & Melissa are true Pokemon hunters.

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Allen & Kelly’s NEW Avatard


It’s safe to say Allen has built a wing on Lattaland. Thanks, man!

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Allen’s NEW Avatard


This is mine, or Allen’s 501st avatard. Who can keep up?

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Greg And Family’s NEW Avatard


This is Greg and his lovely family’s SECOND avatard, and my 499th. Where does the time go?

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Li’s Friend’s Avatard


Happy birthday!

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Shanon’s NEW Avatard


This one is for my good friend Shanon and her husband who is equally into cosplay.

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James’ NEW Avatard!


This is James and his buddy Martin Shkreli breaking the million dollar Wu Tang Clan record over Oliver Twist’s head.

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Avatards For Valentine’s Day


Hey, Lattaphiles! You know that Valentine’s Day is coming, and you ain’t gonna get away with another year of grocery-store flowers or the ol’ ‘made up holiday’ excuse again, are you? Of COURSE not. Why would you? That’d be stupid.

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