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Kim & Matt’s Avatar

Congrats you two!

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Rafe & Mari’s Avatar

My buds and yours.

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Jessica’s Dad’s Avatar

Happy Father’s Day!

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David & Kerrin’s Avatards

I love Disney too, dudes.

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Timmy’s Avatard

Yeet on, Timmy.

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Allen’s Girlfriend’s Sister’s Family Avatard


Merry X-Mas!

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Kelly’s Avatard


Merry Christmas, Kelly and family!

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Rumi & Schone’s Avatard


Happy Halloween, Rumi & Schone!

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Kelsey’s Mum’s Avatard


Merry Christmas, Kelsey’s Mum!

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Of Likenesses And Avatards: A Lattaland Exclusive


Likeness is a weird thing. The way we see ourselves and others is entirely subjective. Nonetheless,  if a drawing doesn’t look that person, it’s just wrong. No amount of subjectivity or superfluous detail will hide this.

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Stephen’s Avatard


Happy birthday to Stephen, or as we call him, Stu. I’m not sure why, but we do. Happy birthday, chum!

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Cori’s Avatard


This avatard is for Cori and Cori’s wife. Enjoy the tropical weather.

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