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Courtney’s Avatard


This is my lovely friend Courtney and her avatard is kinda ‘King Of Thrones-ey’ if you are into that kinda thing. I know she is.

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Patrick Steele’s Family’s Avatard


This is Patrick’s family as the appeared in 1979. Happy Father’s Day!

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Bert And His Wife’s Avatard


Bert and his lovely wife is heading out of rainy Belgium for a roadtrip along the west coast. Happy trails, you two.

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Tom And Renee’s Avatard


Hey, Tom and Renee! You two seem fun. Wanna hang out?

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Steve’s Wife’s Avatard


Happy Mother’s Day to, uh, Steve’s wife. I never caught her name.

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John’s Family’s Avatard


I wish more families would start bands.

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Ro And Earl’s Avatard


Ro and Earl seem like a fun couple. Can I hang out with you?

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Thang’s Avatard


Thang likes video games and those horrible, horrible toe shoes.

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Kirk’s Family’s Avatard

Remember, the family that slays together stays together.

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Abra, George & Ruby’s Avatard


Happy trails, partners!


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Terri’s Avatard

I told you I can draw nice avatards.

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The Casket Creatures

The Casket Creatures

Members: Vocals – Eddie Cadaver, Guitar – James Von Ghastly, Bass – Victor Rottenfeller, Drums – Dr. Creep Guitar – Derek Obscura

‘Like’ The Casket Creatures on Facebook. 

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