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That’s A Satanic Thing To Say, Josh Latta!

Check me out on Third Side talkin’ comics and SATAN.

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Batman Dark Knight Returns Artist /Gallery Edition

dark knight toys

All three of my blog readers are already hip to this, but if you stumbled upon this website by happenstance, let me catch y’ up. I love Batman. I mean, like, how could I not? I was 12 in 1989. It was illegal to not love Batman back then. I guess that doesn’t exactly explain why I love him today, a million years later, but still, I never got over this goofball crap. Goodness knows I didn’t love Batman the whole time. Goodness no! How could I? Most Batman movies and comics if we are honest are pretty much awful. I guess what I am getting at, is I love THIS Batman.

batman fae detail

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns is the definitive Batman story. It should have been the last. I’m a huge Frank Miller fan, so this felt like the first place to take the plunge on one of these giant oversized IDW artist editions. The price point, no jiving, is scary, sure, but I’ve looked at this book 420 times since the 3rd of July (RIP America)

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DKIII Batman & Robin Sketch Cover


Look for me at Heroes Con!


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armored bats

I can’t stop with these things.

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DKIII Issue 1 Sketch Cover BY ME!


Gawd, I just love drawing BATMAN!

I should have a bunch of these things at Heroes Con and possibly here on this site.

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Q: Will I ever stop talking about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?

A: Of course not.

Read my ridiculous thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Roundtable brought to you by Forces Of Geek. 

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Shanon’s NEW Avatard


This one is for my good friend Shanon and her husband who is equally into cosplay.

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Ye Ole Sketchbook

batman turd erin and josh

I forgot to mention I got a sketchbook for Christmas.

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Batman Sketches


Why can’t I stop thinking about Batman?

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Adam’s Avatard

adam jill

Merry X-mas, Adam!

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Funko Vinyl Invaders Batman Robot Figure: The Review

Remember that part in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ when Batman turns into a giant robot to save Gotham from a Kaijin monster’s rampage? No? Well, that’s because it didn’t happen, silly-billy. It should have, though.  At least I can pretend it did with this incredible Batman Robot Vinyl Invader figure/sexual totem.

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The Wild And Wacky World Of Batman

Wait, Batman is SUPPOSED to be grim & gritty?

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