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Women “R” The Same Everywhere.


Gotta Get Back…


Happy Easter from Lattaland


It’s The Brimstones


Boy George Was Right: War IS Stupid



Just Married With The Brimstones


Erin N’ Josh


Work Stinks, Brimstones


More Brimstones



The Brimstones



SPX 2012: In A Few Pictures & Fewer Words

L to R: Brad McGinty & Josh Latta

Holy shit! it’s Dan Clowes!

L To R: Josh Latta,  Shawn Daughhetee,  Adam Daughhetee,  Rob Ullman and Rich Tommaso.

Baltimore Comic Con In Pictures & 325 Words

So, what’d you do this weekend? Hey, that’s super.

Me? Funny you should ask. I went to my new hometown’s very own comic convention, The Baltimore Comic Con. 

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20 Dollars For Two Sandwiches & Water? A Heroes Con Reflection

L to R: Josh Latta and Rashy Rabbit

Greetings pals, comic nerds or people just googling Heroes Con hoping to find their name.  Welcome to my annual Heroes Con wrap-up extravaganza.  Ugh. I hate the word ‘annual.’ It always reminds me of  non-cannon comics filled with shitty art  that costs more.  It’s not everyday I can make a reference like that, in fact, it’s only 3 days a year when I can, and it’s at Heroes Con, America’s favorite comic book convention.

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Coming Soon: Rashy Rabbit’s Wonderful World Of Color (now in full-color)

Not necessary because anyone demanded it, but still.

‘Rashy Rabbit in A Rabbit In King Arthur’s Food Court In Color’ will be available soon for free download at wideawakepress.com.

I’m thinking next month.


Sneak Preview Of Rashy Rabbit: Agent Of S.C.R.E.E.N

Welp, folks, the next Rashy is underway. If you didn’t like the last one, you’ll REALLY hate this.

Look of it soon, I mean, if you feel like it.

Ink Studs

Hey ladies, give a cartoonist a chance. You could do a lot worse. A LOT worse.

Robert Clough On Rashy Rabbit: Droppin’ Anchor

“Latta is better at mining humor out of awkwardness and sleaze than he is out of pure absurdity, and as a result this story winds up being fairly forgettable.” -Robert Clough

They say any publicity is good publicity!


Who Let The Nerds Out? Heroes Con 2011 In Review

Hiya, folks. I just got back from Heroes Con and, boy, are my guts tired. No doubt from being puked out so much. Welcome to another Heroes Con wrap-up extravaganza brought to you by Bud Light and a lifetime of resentment.

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