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Happy Easter from Lattaland


It’s The Brimstones


Boy George Was Right: War IS Stupid



Just Married With The Brimstones


Erin N’ Josh


Work Stinks, Brimstones


More Brimstones



The Brimstones



SPX 2012: In A Few Pictures & Fewer Words

L to R: Brad McGinty & Josh Latta

Holy shit! it’s Dan Clowes!

L To R: Josh Latta,  Shawn Daughhetee,  Adam Daughhetee,  Rob Ullman and Rich Tommaso.

Baltimore Comic Con In Pictures & 325 Words

So, what’d you do this weekend? Hey, that’s super.

Me? Funny you should ask. I went to my new hometown’s very own comic convention, The Baltimore Comic Con. 

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20 Dollars For Two Sandwiches & Water? A Heroes Con Reflection

L to R: Josh Latta and Rashy Rabbit

Greetings pals, comic nerds or people just googling Heroes Con hoping to find their name.  Welcome to my annual Heroes Con wrap-up extravaganza.  Ugh. I hate the word ‘annual.’ It always reminds me of  non-cannon comics filled with shitty art  that costs more.  It’s not everyday I can make a reference like that, in fact, it’s only 3 days a year when I can, and it’s at Heroes Con, America’s favorite comic book convention.

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Coming Soon: Rashy Rabbit’s Wonderful World Of Color (now in full-color)

Not necessary because anyone demanded it, but still.

‘Rashy Rabbit in A Rabbit In King Arthur’s Food Court In Color’ will be available soon for free download at wideawakepress.com.

I’m thinking next month.


Sneak Preview Of Rashy Rabbit: Agent Of S.C.R.E.E.N

Welp, folks, the next Rashy is underway. If you didn’t like the last one, you’ll REALLY hate this.

Look of it soon, I mean, if you feel like it.

Ink Studs

Hey ladies, give a cartoonist a chance. You could do a lot worse. A LOT worse.

Robert Clough On Rashy Rabbit: Droppin’ Anchor

“Latta is better at mining humor out of awkwardness and sleaze than he is out of pure absurdity, and as a result this story winds up being fairly forgettable.” -Robert Clough

They say any publicity is good publicity!


Who Let The Nerds Out? Heroes Con 2011 In Review

Hiya, folks. I just got back from Heroes Con and, boy, are my guts tired. No doubt from being puked out so much. Welcome to another Heroes Con wrap-up extravaganza brought to you by Bud Light and a lifetime of resentment.

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The Last Of The Famous Fluke Round-Ups.

Adam and Shawn from The Dollar Bin discusses their Fluke 2011 loot.

Globster Press share what they picked up at Fluke 2011.

Shannon Smith tells you everything you ever wanted to know about sharing a table with me at Fluke 2011.



Midnight Fiction On Rashy Rabbit No. 7 Droppin’ Anchor


“My expectations were high, since the last issue was a Midnight Fiction Favorite. Well, I’m happy to report that in many ways this one is even better.” -Richard Krauss