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Alex and Chris’ Disney Avatar

This one was fun! Thanks, guys.

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David & Kerrin’s Avatards

I love Disney too, dudes.

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Disney Sketch Covers



donald duck

Hit me up at Heroes Con.

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Don Rosa reacts to ‘That’s A Horrible Thing To Say, Josh Latta!’


haha! Thanks, Josh Alam!

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Walt Disney Comic And Stories 721 Sketch Cover


Sure, I do these things. Why not?

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Nathan’s Wife’s Avatard


I hope this avatard makes Nathan’s wife (name withheld) happy.

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Lattaland

From all of us at Lattaland, to all of you, have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a St.Patty’s Day, too.

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Happy New Year From Lattaland!


From all of us, to all of you!

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Gladstone Gander


Gladstone Gander is my favorite comic book villain. Most likely, because he is me.

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How come Gizmoduck has an “R” on his chest? I guess some things man wasn’t meant to know.

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Happy 80th Birthday, Donald Duck!

Cripes, I remember Donald Duck’s 50th birthday well. I guess we are both old birds.

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Kimber Bat’s Avatard


Kimber Bat is a witchy woman.

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