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NEW Breaking Bad Animated & Walking Fred Prints!


BREAKING BAD ANIMATED and WALKING FRED will be available for purchase at HEROES CON! You can choose from two(2) handsome 11X17 prints suitable for framing.  Liven up your den, office or shanty with this bright, vibrant, colorful artwork.

Thanks, Rob Ullman for your hard work on this set. I owe you a beer*

*not an actual offer. 

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Omar On The Flintstones

Lookout, Fred & Barney! Omar comin’…To Bedrock! The lovable  Omar Littlerock joins the fun with his Bedrock buddies in NEW exciting adventures! There will be LOTS of laughs and surprises as Omar gets in to  stoneage mischief. They’ll have a gay ol’ time.

Yabba dabba indeed!


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Walking Fred Sticker NOW Available


Who knew the post-zombie-apocalypse world would look so… pre-historic? Well, Josh Latta did. At least as he imagines it for this full -color silk screened 3 X4 vinyl sticker. Through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet the band of modern-stone-age survivors hopes to make it from Bedrock to the CDC in Atlantarock alive.

Someday, maybe Fred will win the fight and the zombies will stay dead all night. Yabba dabba boo! 

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Halloweirdo No. 20 The Walking Fred

  Who knew the post-zombie-apocalypse world would look so… pre-historic? Well, Josh Latta did. At least as he imagines it for Halloweirdos.
    Through the courtesy of Fred’s two guns the band of modern-stone-age survivors hopes to make it from Bedrock to the CDC in Atlantarock alive.
    Someday, maybe Fred will win the fight and the zombies will stay dead all night.
Yabba dabba boo!
 Don’t forget, ghouls,  each week day of October will have a new  post from some of the gruesomest talent from Wide Awake Press.

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Flintstone Chews: The Review

Since the conception of the zoetrope, man has been interested in animation cartoons. Since that time, there have been a lot of cartoons, and a lot of snacks  that have been adorned with the images of beloved cartoon characters. Case in point:The Flintstones, modern stone age family. Long past are the days when the only Flintstones themed food you could find at your local grocers was cocoa pebbles, and, in some markets,fruity.  The Flintstones brand went on to dominate the children chewable vitamins market and went on to monopolize orange sherbet in a tube. Fast forward to now: I walk into the grocery store, pretty much ready to buy any cartoon related snack food, and often am met with resistance from the man (I.E. Kroger).

Where Kroger drops the ball, the Chevron on 10th and Spring St. picked up the ball, and uh, dribbled it to the field goal?  Anyway, whilst on business in town, my wife found these “Flintstone Chews” and purchased them, knowing my proclivity to candy graced with the images of classic circa 1957 to 1982 Hanna Barbera characters. She is also aware of the fact that I have braces, and should not eat this kind of candy, but I digress.

(bland, and blurry packaging)

Strangely, there is no year or date anywhere on this rather generic bag, in fact, at first glance, I wasn’t sure if this was an officially sanctioned Flintstones product, or rather, some shoddy product without the ghost of Joe Barbera’s and William Hanna’s former fart-catcher’s approval. I didn’t see any circle c’s or little tms anywhere on the blando outer packaging.In fact, King Henry got top billing. I opened the dang ol’ package and was ecstatic to learn, this is the real thing. I thought it was classy to go with the 4 color printing process, as well as the bold visual choice to limit the pallet. The font choice was excellent and hand done, well at least on the word “chew”.

I was a little puzzled, perhaps a bit confused that the character’s on the label(Fred, Dino and Pebbles) were at random and didn’t coincide with the flavor. I feel as though the stone age schtick should been down to the flavor, but the flavors are in fact, not listed at all.  The flavors, from what I gather are pineapple or banana, uh, blue, and I think that there was an orange one in there- Maybe green too. Truth be told I ate them a few days ago. I guess the kissing cousin of this candy would be Laffy Taffy. I dunno, maybe, it’s kissing third cousin would be Starburst, particularly the not very good Starburst flavors.

The golden days of television cartoons may be sadly behind us, forgotten and buried in a shallow grave with our grandparents, but the characters still entertain generations today, with somewhat decent candy.

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