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Glorp 2017 (yes, I’m late. I know this) Spring review.

Glorp GumHey, everybody. I’m here to kick ass and chew esoteric character bubble gum logo t-shirts. Wait. I don’t want do either of those things. I remember kicking a kid in the shins once, and I felt bad that whole weekend. Boy, that nostalgia is one hell of an axe wound that always needs filling. You know, with monsters, cartoons, and all that crazy crap. Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. Y’see,I seem to only have gusto for shit any normal fuckin’ human being grew out of before they learned how to pick up a bic razor. Sure, I get it. Wearing this kinda childish crap is likely contributing to the fact that I’ve never been promoted. I mean, I know a man of my age should be driving his own car, have a mistress and possibly some social status, but my crippling Peter Pan syndrome keeps all at bay. Well for now, at least. Thankfully my friends at Glorp Gum Co.® have met my emotionally crippled desire to dress like a giant toddler all week long. In fact, that’s what I did. I wore nothing but Glorp shirt every day for a week solid and chewed gum to see if I can relive my sentimental attachment to the hottest and smelliest part of the year and you won’t believe what happened. I’ll tell you all about it because I don’t have anything better to do.

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Beelzebubblegum Episode 004

Speak of the Devil Presents Beelzebubblegum, the anti-game show for the anti-Christian in all of us. Tune in live and you may be selected as the contestant that goes head-to-head with Reverend Campbell in an epic battle of agility, wits, urine chugging and core fart strength*! There’s always a prize for the winner, and even though Reverend Campbell has never actually won the game, he’s been training daily. (That’s a lot of urine) Beelzebubblegum is the world famous game created by sinners, for sinners… and the gays, straights, queers, bros, sluts, greasers, jets, sharks and n00bs. * There is no actual urine chugging or core fart strength, but don’t let that stop any training you may have begun on your own. Email Signup: http://eepurl.com/bvxE51 Leave a Review: https://goo.gl/8rmDtG Google+: https://goo.gl/jn6Gxx

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Weekend Listening

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Beelzebubblegum Episode 003

 Sunday, January 21st 3:00pm MST Live on Facebook Speak of the Devil Presents Beelzebubblegum, the anti-game show for the anti-Christian in all of us. Tune in live for a chance to play and win at sinnin’! That’s right, the more answers the judges approve of, the more levels of sin you are awarded until the final head-to-head battle with Bowser* himself!

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Raising Hell Podcast October 13th, 2017 – A Lotta Latta!

A Witch and Her Bitch; Laughs, Libidos and Listener Letters with Erin and Josh Latta on today’s Raising Hell – The Satanic Perspective on Parenting.

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Beelzebubblegum Episode 2

Speak of the Devil Presents Beelzebubblegum, the anti-game show for the anti-Christian in all of us. Tune in live for a chance to play and win a lotta’ Latta lovin’, err stuff. I should’ve said stuff. You won’t get any lovin’. If you’re unaware of what lovin’ is, it’s sex. No sex for you.

This episode was recorded live in Sept. 24th.

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Beelzebubblegum 1

Speak of the Devil Presents Beelzebubblegum, the anti-game show for the anti-Christian in all of us. Join hosts Erin and Josh Latta as we play the game with Reverend Campbell and the live audience in chat. This game was played live on 7/30. Join us next time…and SATAN.

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Free Josh Latta!

I’m still in Facebook jail, folks. Send a cake with a file.

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Fuck Josh Latta is catching on.

Hey, fuck you guys too!

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The ‘Fuck Josh Latta’ T-shirt is HERE!

I still have a few of these limited-edition hateful and totally inappropriate t-shirts left over from The Fuck Josh Latta Inauguration-a-thon. Now’s your chance to say ‘fuck you’ to the source. Don’t delay. The supplies are extremely limited and I am already sold out of smalls.





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The Fuck Josh Latta Inauguration-a-thon is TOMORROW

Come watch Josh stand around  Reverb 2112 N Charles St, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 breath, drink beer, breath some more, and maybe draw a little bit, that is to say if he’s not too drunk from drinking beer.


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Hey, fuckers! Have you heard of the “Fuck Josh Latta Challenge”? Probably not, because I just thought of it. And no, the challenge isn’t to actually fuck Josh Latta (although, that might be a fun challenge for another time)! This challenge is to have 30+ orders of the controversial new “Fuck Josh Latta” shirt by January 15th, 2017! If we do, I’ll take everyone’s name who ordered & put ’em in a hat! Then, I’ll say a quick prayer to my Lord & Savior, Jesus H. Christ, draw a name from said hat and that person gets their “Fuck Josh Latta” shirt for FREE (you just have to pay shipping)! I’ll refund the cost of the shirt to you! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your Nana, tell the world… “Fuck Josh Latta”!


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