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Cock n’ Bull


My pal Allen is becoming my patron. Thanks for the fun commission, dude!

Laughing With Cancer

elvis rico

My pal Elvis Rico’s launching a new podcast called ‘Laughing With Cancer.’ Details to come.

Jungles Of Hollywood Poster


I’m proud to be part of Amulet’s Spring/Summer launch.

Model: Darla Harland


The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 5 with Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta

TBC episode 5 with Josh Latta

Wanna  hear me talk about tracing paper? I said, DO YOU WANNA HEAR ME TALK ABOUT TRACING PAPER? Of course you do, silly billy.

Well, then, smart guy, check out this ever so delightful interview  by Scott Perez Fox with yours truly on The Busy Creator Podcast. 

Take it away Scott:

 Prescott speaks to Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta, on how he got started in art, his daily workflow and routine, and making a name for himself on the Internet. We also dissect the difference between a cartoonist and an illustrator, and question the use of hand-drawn vs. typeset lettering in comics.

Sounds dope!

CLICK HERE FOR The Busy Creator Podcast, episode 5 with Cartoonist & Illustrator Josh Latta

Kid Captain America (a symbol of freedom commission)


I gotta admit, dear readers. I really love Captain America. No one has a better costume.

This commission was brought to you by my new friend, Erica. She wanted a small boy version of the unfrozen hero for the new arrival. Excelsior!

Crema Coffee Co. Gift Card

 Looking for the perfect gift for a student of UM HSF or UM Law? Of course you are, who isn’t? Well, look no further, Buddy. Buy the smarty pants in your life a gift card for the gift that keeps on giving kidney stones, a gift card to Crema Coffee Co. that I just-so-happened to have drawn! 




Keith and The Girl’s Roast is up for Pre-Order

Keith, Chemda, and their so-called “friends” all on one stage for one fabulous night of comedy and hurt feelings. I am proud to share this news because I had the pleasure of drawing all the insulting art for this soon-to-be-released DVD.

Who rips Keith and Chemda new ones? Glad you asked:

Roast Master Jesse Joyce
Christian Finnegan
Michael Khalili
Pat Dixon
Ray DeVito
Ben Lerman
Keith McNally
John F. O’Donnell
Brother Love
Victor Varnado
Jessica Delfino
John Knefel
Molly Knefel
Patrice Callender
Lauren Hennessy
Diane O’Debra
Mike Lawrence

What a buncha jerks! What are you waiting for? This is why we have jobs, to buy things before they come out.




New Corporate Illustration Action

FUN FACT: I don’t just draw comics, tanks shooting birds and pony princesses.  Sometimes I draw pictures for large, faceless corporate conglomerates that already own you despite the fact you don’t even know them by name.

This is one of those pieces for an in house magazine. Click on it and enjoy. Or not, it’s a free country. Just kidding, no it isn’t.

Happy Challenger Day

The Challenger  ‘sploded 25 years ago today.

Sigh. I am so old.

Here’s some stuff I just-so-happen-to-be-workin-on, this-such-a-historic-day.

It’s Totally 80′s Game

Do you remember the 80’s? You DON’T? Well, then. This game won’t be a lotta fun for you, so like, go away, dude.  Just kidding. Don’t go. Your ol’ pal Josh will catch you up to speed.  The 80’s were a glorious time when cocaine wasn’t addictive and love was free.

Oh wait, that was the 70’s.  Sorry about that. Well, one thing I can say about the 80’s is that you were allowed to smoke in malls back then, which is kinda cool. I mean, I guess.

Back to the game: TBS have a show coming in November called ‘ Glory Daze’ that is set in the 1980s. I illustrated 60 images that represent pop culture references from the 80s. They will pop up in a flash card game that allows you to guess what the images represent. There are three levels: easy, medium and hard. You will progress levels if they get a certain amount correct in the previous level.

…and before you ask, yes, I got to party with the cast and crew of  ‘Glory Daze’.

Well, what are you waiting for, the 2080’s? PLAY THE GAME!

Coming soon…