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Both Kinds

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Happy Birthday, Morrissey! (Yes, I am late again.)

What song would I pick for some poor soul who hasn’t heard Morrissey?

Listen to the latest Cut X Cut podcast to find out!


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Printed in bl… “FUCK JOSH LATTA!” Oh jeez, sorry about that outburst; I just thought of a Facebook post I saw on Josh’s timeline and that shit just fuckin’ enraged me! Anyway, printed in black or blue (since those are the two colors most everyone would like to see Josh, i bet) on a light blue T, “Fuck Josh Latta” is available as a limited run so order yours today! As in Right Fucking Now! As in HURRY THE FUCK UP, THEY’RE GONNA BE SOLD OUT SOON!!!! Oh yeah, and “Fuck Josh Latta”!


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There is a Grandpa that never goes out


Grandpa gets a second career as a mope rocker.

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The Further Adventures Of Morrissey

PG1 PG2 PG3 PG4 PG5 PG6 PG7 PG8 PG9 PG10

To be continued…

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I Hate Rock N’ Roll

st morrissey




Don’t put another dime in that jukebox, baby.

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Happy Birthday To The Only Person Who Knows How I Feel, Morrissey!


Steven Patrick Morrissey has been described as truculent, devious, nationalistic and intolerant. I’m sorry, but this sounds like a wonderful thing.

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Morrissey VS Robert Smith of The Cure


“Absolutely Vile”: “The Cure, a new dimension to the word ‘crap'”.
“If Morrissey says not to eat meat, then I’m going to eat meat; that’s how much I hate Morrissey.”

This one is personal to me. I grew up with both Moz and Bob, but I think it’s most clear where my sympathies lie.

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Morrissey in Lattaland

He wears black on the outside because black is how he feels on the inside.

Join the world’s greatest popstar in many new adventures wherever he weeps!

Come armageddon of fun come!

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