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9Sense Episode October, XLVIII A.S. featuring Jinx Blues

satanest erin ever


I bet you didn’t expect a fright like that 15 days and 9 hours before Halloween, did you?

Join Adam & Erin during the spookiest time of the month in the midst of the spookiest time of the year on a little satanic show called 9sense.

On this chilling episode, our ghosts, err, hosts discuss mysterious misanthropia, spine-chilling serial killers and boo-bathing.  It will scare the hell out of you.

Stick around for a little Down to the Crossroads too. This months theme is jinxes and how Erin hates jinxes to pieces. The playlist is available here, if the show is just too darn terrifying for your God-fearing ear-holes.

Happy Halloween…and SATAN!

13 October, XLVIII A.S.

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Michael Carrino’s Avatard


Happy birthday, podcaster Michael Carrino from your lovely wife Marji.


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Smartest Guys Available podcast


Nathan and Russell record a podcast called The Smartest Guys Available. The idea is that they invite a guest on to quiz us on a topic, and they will just make up the answers (smartestguys.com). Nathan and Russell aren’t not the smartest guys, but they’re the smartest guys available.


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Bibliodiscoteque presents: Episode 41 – Hellfire by Nick Tosches


This month Erik Karl Son tackles Nick Tosches’ Hellfire. Its a bold tale of Jerry Lee Lewis and never pulls a punch.

When he noticed that Erin from Down to the Crossroads was reading the same book, he knew he had to get her to help host this episode.

If you don’t know DttC, its best described as, “A monthly segment on the 9sense podcast. Down to the Crossroads, where Faustian bargains are made, spirits are consumed, blues are discussed, and the Devil gets his due.”

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9Sense Podcast no. XLVIII


Ghoul afternoon, true bedevilers! That’s right, I said ‘afternoon’. Evil doesn’t wait for night to podcast. Mwahahaha! Sorry, I always get like this after my morning Zero Bar®.

This week, Warlock Adam P Campbell and Witchy Erin Cassavaugh wax wrathfully about the inhuman, injurious Israel,  tormented, trangendered teens and infamous ills that flesh is heir to instrumentals.


11 August, XLVIII A.S.

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9Sense XLVIII featuring Crime and (mostly) Punishment.


Accursed morning, my diabolical fiends! It’s that evil time of the month again. Grab some coffee, or whatever other satanic beverage you can find, and give the new episode of 9sense a listen.

In the latest episode, the abominable Adam P. Campbell and the egregious Erin flap their rotten gums about the Zimmerman case. Yeah, I’ve never heard of the guy either, but apparently he killed a baby boy in a stroller or something. Also, the damnamic duo discuss deplorable filibuster showdowns. What’s that gotta do with the devil? Give it a listen, cloven hoofed ones.

Stick around to the shocking end of the episode,  wayward ones, for the 13th episode of ‘Down to the Crossroads’ for the best in blues brought to you by the devil’s daughter, Erin.

What are you waiting for, Walpurgisnacht? Listen right now, and SATAN!

14 July, XLVIII A.S.


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Keith and The Girl Guest: James Adomian

james adomian

Is there any impression James Adomian CAN’T do? Nope.

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Keith and The Girl Guest: Myq Kaplan


Myq Kaplan is quite the punsmith. I love puns, so that’s cool with me.

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Keith And The Girl’s Kickstarter Winner Mark Canlas


Congrats, Mark Canlas, on forking over some serious chunks o’ cheddar to keep Keith and The Girl’s marathon going strong AND congrats on you’re life-destroying appearance on Keith and the Girl. Tell James Adomian and Myq Kaplan  I said ‘hi’.

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Unhallowed Birthday, Down To The Crossroads!


Execrable morning, hellish fiends. Can you non-believers believe queen of the damned Erin has been doing her dreadful segment ‘Down to the Crossroads‘ on odious podcast 9sense for a hateful year now? Why, it seems like it was just yesterday when Erin picked her first unholy blues song to play for Satan’s legion of minions. Sigh. All the unholy memories…and look at Erin now. She’s co-hosting another full episode and I loathe it!

Listen to this week’s 9sense to hear Adam and Erin crack wicked about  social networking, crackshot tots, Angelina Jolie’s funbags and, of course, porn.

Lest we forget the miserable reason we are celebrating, it’s about the blues. Erin plays a little Skip James, Hattie McDaniel and Howlin’ Wolf. Unhappy birthday, y’all…and SATAN!

erin kellar

09 June, XLVIII A.S.

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A Hoary Special 9Sense

erin in hell

Good evening, Boils and Ghouls.

Pour yourself a tall glass of eyeballs or whatever other kinda weird shit you got, cuz this episode of 9sense is straight from the devil’s funny bone.

Adam Campbell was joined by the queen of the darned Erin Cassavaugh for the entire fuckin’ bedeviled  episode. Listen to Adam and Erin discuss being bullied as a grown-ass Satanist, your chances of gettin’ shot in the head and how far we’d go to save booby pictures. (The answer: not very.) Also, as if this wasn’t satanic enough for you, Erin yaps to Darren Deicide about blind old men that murder for fun with their git-fiddles.

 Listen to me minions, and you listen to me good. These two fearsome fiends have some sorta evil chemistry, and I, for one, loved the yucks. 

19 May, XLVIII A.S.


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Keith And The Girl’s Kickstarter Winner Sulayman A-wali


Congrats, Sulayman A-wali, on forking over some serious  chunks o’ cheddar to keep Keith and The Girl’s marathon going strong AND you’re life-destroying appearance on Keith and the Girl.

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