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Erin’s Birthday Avatard


Happy birthday to the ungodly queen of my heart, Erin. I adore you.


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9Sense Episode October, XLVIII A.S. featuring Jinx Blues

satanest erin ever


I bet you didn’t expect a fright like that 15 days and 9 hours before Halloween, did you?

Join Adam & Erin during the spookiest time of the month in the midst of the spookiest time of the year on a little satanic show called 9sense.

On this chilling episode, our ghosts, err, hosts discuss mysterious misanthropia, spine-chilling serial killers and boo-bathing.  It will scare the hell out of you.

Stick around for a little Down to the Crossroads too. This months theme is jinxes and how Erin hates jinxes to pieces. The playlist is available here, if the show is just too darn terrifying for your God-fearing ear-holes.

Happy Halloween…and SATAN!

13 October, XLVIII A.S.

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October Spawned A Monster (avatard special)


Good evening, Boils and GHOULS! Oh, excuse me. Good morning boys and girls.  Hallow’s Eve is almost before us and it’s time to break out the creepy cobwebs and cardboard skeletons to decorate your humble abode.


Still don’t feel creepy enough? Then decorate your facebook, twitter and forum posts with your own unique Halloween custom avatard of yourself!

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9Sense Podcast no. XLVIII


Ghoul afternoon, true bedevilers! That’s right, I said ‘afternoon’. Evil doesn’t wait for night to podcast. Mwahahaha! Sorry, I always get like this after my morning Zero Bar®.

This week, Warlock Adam P Campbell and Witchy Erin Cassavaugh wax wrathfully about the inhuman, injurious Israel,  tormented, trangendered teens and infamous ills that flesh is heir to instrumentals.


11 August, XLVIII A.S.

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9Sense XLVIII featuring Crime and (mostly) Punishment.


Accursed morning, my diabolical fiends! It’s that evil time of the month again. Grab some coffee, or whatever other satanic beverage you can find, and give the new episode of 9sense a listen.

In the latest episode, the abominable Adam P. Campbell and the egregious Erin flap their rotten gums about the Zimmerman case. Yeah, I’ve never heard of the guy either, but apparently he killed a baby boy in a stroller or something. Also, the damnamic duo discuss deplorable filibuster showdowns. What’s that gotta do with the devil? Give it a listen, cloven hoofed ones.

Stick around to the shocking end of the episode,  wayward ones, for the 13th episode of ‘Down to the Crossroads’ for the best in blues brought to you by the devil’s daughter, Erin.

What are you waiting for, Walpurgisnacht? Listen right now, and SATAN!

14 July, XLVIII A.S.


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Adam P. Campbell’s Avatard


This beguiling avatard features my dark pal and host of the 9sense podcast, Adam. P. Campbell. SATAN!

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Unhallowed Birthday, Down To The Crossroads!


Execrable morning, hellish fiends. Can you non-believers believe queen of the damned Erin has been doing her dreadful segment ‘Down to the Crossroads‘ on odious podcast 9sense for a hateful year now? Why, it seems like it was just yesterday when Erin picked her first unholy blues song to play for Satan’s legion of minions. Sigh. All the unholy memories…and look at Erin now. She’s co-hosting another full episode and I loathe it!

Listen to this week’s 9sense to hear Adam and Erin crack wicked about  social networking, crackshot tots, Angelina Jolie’s funbags and, of course, porn.

Lest we forget the miserable reason we are celebrating, it’s about the blues. Erin plays a little Skip James, Hattie McDaniel and Howlin’ Wolf. Unhappy birthday, y’all…and SATAN!

erin kellar

09 June, XLVIII A.S.

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Down to the Crossroads Episode 9- Heaven In A Chair


Infernal greetings, witches and hos, feast your pointy little ears on the latest episode of Down to the Crossroads on Adam Campbell’s devilish podcast, 9Sense.

*Fun fact* If you listen to Down to the Crossroads on reverse it says ‘Oh here’s to my sweet Satan’ using backwards masking and the power of Beelzebub.



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Down To The Crossroads: I eat my roast beef by the spoonful.

Hey, friends of the devil & friends of mine. Listen up. Erin’s got another Down To The Crossroads in the can, err, canned deviled ham for your disapproval.

Erin takes a satanic look at variations of the same unholy song, and the good news is, the song is  all about drugs.

Come on, a spoonful? What does anyone use a spoon for, anyway? Eating? I think NOT, true disbelievers.  Give it a sacrilegious spin, won’t you?


Down to the Crossroads – Episode 7 – I eat my roast beef by the spoonful.

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The Devil in Mr.Latta: An Interview

Hello, fiends! Welcome back to the most unhallowed place on the web, Lattaland! While you’re here in the hoary netherworld of my website, won’t you listen to this diabolical, and quite frankly satanic interview with me on 9sense?  It’s a pretty great  and scandalous conversation, if I do say so myself.  Forward to the 50 minute mark, to get to the interview, like,  if you are in a hurry to get to a fire or something.

Happy listening, cloven foot one!


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Erin’s Christmas Gift

All Erin wants for Christmas is for you to ‘like’ her Down to the Crossroads page.

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9sense Xmas

Pour yourself a little eggnog and join the princess of darkness, Erin Cassavaugh as she DJ’s the darkest of Christmas songs allowed by law.

From all of us in Lattaland and our friends at 9sense, have yourself a satanic little Christmas.

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Down To The Crossroads Has A Facebook Page

Hey, Lattaphiles! Erin’s got a new facebook page and it’d mean a lot to me if you went there right now and ‘like’ the hell out of it. Get it? ‘Hell?’

‘Down to the Crossroads’ is a  monthly segment on the 9sense podcast where  Faustian bargains are made, spirits are consumed, blues are discussed, and the Devil gets his due.

The devil will find work for idle hands to do, so start clicking, fiends!



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