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Happy Thorsday!


It’s Thorsday! Not to be confused with Thursday. It’s not. It’s Friday. At any rate, look at my Thor sketches.

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Batman Sketches


Why can’t I stop thinking about Batman?

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Daredevil Sketches


Like all y’all, I just can’t stop thinkin’ about Daredevil.

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Sexy Prophet


Quite frankly, I’d die for my right to lampoon your goofy religion.



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Plastic Man


This is my 1,000th post.

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Gladstone Gander


Gladstone Gander is my favorite comic book villain. Most likely, because he is me.

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How come Gizmoduck has an “R” on his chest? I guess some things man wasn’t meant to know.

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Old Man Logan


Here’s where I post drawings of characters from movies that came out 5 weeks ago.

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A Coupla Portraits



Here’s a few new portraits by yours truly. One is of Erin and one is of Felix. Guess which one is which.


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New Drawing Of Erin


Here’s a new drawing of Erin, because, uh, just because I guess.

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Superhero Sketches

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Sometimes I draw superheroes.

Revolting, right?

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NEW Batman Movie Sketches

I don’t know if you all have heard, but there is a new Batman movie coming out this summer.  Yeah, I know. It’s all, like, on the hush-hush n’ junk.

To celebrate, I sketched all the zany mainstays of the next vehicle. I am pretty stoked, natch, and you should be too. I will be selling these sketches and many, many more at America’s favorite comic book convention, Heroes Con!

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