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Happy Valentine’s Day From Lattaland

From all of us at Lattaland, to all of you, have a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a St.Patty’s Day, too.

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Weird Old Valentines



What were they thinking?

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Broken Hearts Are For A**holes


From all your pals in Lattaland (and Frank Zappa too) Have a happy Valentine’s Day…Or not. I guess it’s really up to you. What,do you want today to be boring like all the rest? Jeez, cut loose a little. Broken hearts are for assholes.

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Down to the Crossroads: Love In Vain


Greetings, dark minions!

..and by dark, I mean, dark chocolate.

It’s the most evil, most satanic time of the year, again. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day! Mwahahaha! cough. wheeze.

At any rate, listen to this special Valentine’s Day edition of  Down to the Crossroads as Erin and Adam finally ask, why DO ghouls fall in love?





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How F*cking Romantic: Cartoons About Love- Blue Cat Blues

NUVhLU9ibWd6aDQx_o_tom-and-jerry-103-blue-cat-bluesSay,  the M*A*S*H theme song is right. Suicide IS hilarious. Love, however, is not very funny at all.

Going by the evidence of the abundance of crying towels, depressing alcoholic gag gifts and this incredible 1956 Tom and Jerry short, mid-century America was one seriously bummed out time & place.

I guess this Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to see Tom get played like a  bassoon by a black-hearted, gold-digging minx.  See ya in the great hereafter, Tom.

Special thanks to animation historian/sad sack Thad Komorowski for the recommendation of Blue Cat Blues.

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Valentine’s Day Is Coming.

What do you mean you don’t have your sweetie a Valentine yet? Don’t worry, Freddie Freeloader, Lattaland’s got you covered.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Lattaland!

From all of us at Lattaland, to all of you, well, most of you out there in Internetville, have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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Be my Valentine etc.

When you think of Valentine’s day, think of lattaland.com as the place for all your Valentine’s day needs.

All images stolen from the internet©.

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How F*cking Romantic: Cartoons About Love Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet

  These two hats fall in love in a window of a department store and are torn apart  when Alice (Blue Bonnet) was sold. Johnny devoted himself to finding her again. Get out your hankies.



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How F*cking Romantic: Cartoons About Love Wild Over You

“Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?”

Hello, gorgeous readers, and hello to the ugly ones too! Have I got a cartoon for you little melon baby collies. This short doesn’t get much play these days, but then again, what Looney Tunes cartoon does? I hate this modern world. At any rate, this short is worth mentioning for shaking up the  skunk chasing the cat dynamic by having the object of desire in the form of a jungle cat. It also seems to be that our hero, Pepé actually LIKES to get beat up. You and me both, Pepé. You and me both.


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How F*cking Romantic: Cartoons About Love Donald’s Diary

 If I said it once, then I said it, well, once. Disney cartoons aren’t funny. 1954’s Donald’s Diary comes pretty darn close, though.

This short displays more cynicism  than anything else to ever come out of The Magic Kingdom® before or  since.  I think another reason this cartoon  totally excels, I mean, besides the handsome backgrounds and animation, is that it circumvents the obstacle of Donald’s voice.

Also of note, Daisy Duck has never looked sexier. Qu-Quack! I wouldn’t mind throwin’ crumbs in that pond.

Sit back and enjoy, my love.



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Happy Valentines Day from Lattaland

Happy Valentines Day from your pals in Lattaland.


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Keith & Cat’s Avatard

AW! How romantic. This avatard features my good buddy Keith Malley and his lovely lady friend Cat. I am happy for you two lovebirds to the point that  it is bordering on jealously. Happy Valentines Day, you @*#, all all the rest of you too!

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Cartoonist I Love: Robert Crumb

Man, what can I say about Crumb that hasn’t been said before?

I first discovered Crumb around the time the documentary hit theaters. Well, I was familiar with his name and his work, but come on. No comic shops here in the greater Atlanta area had his comics on the shelves or anything.

Crumb was such a revelation to me as a teenager in the politically correct 90’s.  Here’s a guy admitting to some pretty dark stuff about himself in form of a comic. I was outwardly repelled, but inwardly, I was hooked.  Through the power of Crumb, I came to terms with the strangeness in me and my taste in women.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Crumb isn’t all about spilling his guts and pushing buttons. He can draw. He can draw like no one else.  I would go as far as to say he’s the greatest living draftsman. Beat that,  super hero hacks.  Not only can Crumb draw shapely women and cartoony dudes, he can draw lamps, iceboxes,  telephone  wires  and bodily fluids with the same vigor.

But, like I previously mentioned, this has all been said before. I love you, Monsieur Crumb.

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Cartoonist I Love: Don Martin

Thwak!  Braghk! Gukguk! Ga-shklurtz! That’s the sound of Don Martin at work!

Don Martin was my gateway drug into the world of subversive comedy. I mean, like, when I fist saw MAD Magazine, I didn’t know what to make of it.  MAD made fun of things I liked! How am I supposed to read stuff  like that?  I didn’t come here to be insulted! At any rate, MAD felt lurid and dirty compared to the “funnies” I had been reading up to that point.  In other words, I was hooked, but that was all thanks to Don Martin.

Y’see, the thing is, Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, y’know,  all those guys can draw well. In fact, they all draw superhumanly good. I couldn’t draw like that as a kid, and I sure as shit can’t draw like that now.  Don Martin, on the other hand, had a bulbous cartoony slapsticky style that I was able to replicate in the back of my trapper keeper during class.  In fact, I used to draw his comics and pass them off as my own. I dunno if anyone beleived the gags were mine, but still, I can’t think of a better cartooning training ground for a youngster.  In fact, thank you Mr. Martin, thank you for the corruption of my youth and others.  I hope to see you in Hell.

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