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Zombie Gras 4 Zombie Family


If you are in Baltimore, March 29th and like gross bloody guts, then I will see you at Zombie Gras. I’ll be drawing pictures of eyeballs n’ stuff for you at the world-famous Geppi Entertainment Museum. 

Check a peek at the art I did for an upcoming promotional postcard. Oh, I guess you already did that.

See ya there!

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Walking Fred Sticker NOW Available


Who knew the post-zombie-apocalypse world would look so… pre-historic? Well, Josh Latta did. At least as he imagines it for this full -color silk screened 3 X4 vinyl sticker. Through the courtesy of Fred’s two feet the band of modern-stone-age survivors hopes to make it from Bedrock to the CDC in Atlantarock alive.

Someday, maybe Fred will win the fight and the zombies will stay dead all night. Yabba dabba boo! 

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