The Disney That Never Was: Chanticleer Featuring Marc Davis

Good morning, or evening, or whenever you read this.  I sure am glad you decided to join me as I re-read The Disney That Never Was: The Stories and Art from Five Decades of Unproduced Animation by Charles Solomon. Eh, why stop at re-reading it? I do believe I will scan some of it too, copyright laws be damned.  It’s out of print, anyway.

It’s no secret that Disney pissed away tons of money and resources in the preproduction stages, but it might strike you as odd that he had the foresight to catalog and store all the art to be done on his watch. Say what you will  about the man, but he had some serious foresight.

For some crazy, kooky reason, the Disney studio fully developed an animated move based on the high-brow play that satirized pre-World War I France.

I don’t need to tell you this movie never happened, but looking at this gorgeous Marc Davis art, I kinda wish it did.

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