The Manly Men of Disney

I assure you, the man on the phone isn’t talking about his feelings.

Oh, Uncle Walt, where did we go wrong? There was a time where men (Yes, ladies, MEN) put on a pressed shirt, slacks and hat to sit down to animate all day.  Those days have sadly passed, and now we have John Lassiter be-boping around in a Hawaiian shirt like he’s at a bloomin’ Luau.  At least Hawaiian shirts have collars, many animators wear superhero t-shirts to work.  T-Shirts. I am glad Walt didn’t live to see that.

As a self-proclaimed nostalgic, I find old pictures of animators in the halcyon days of Hollywood endlessly fascinating.  These manly men doing manly art  all come from my out-of-print masterpiece (thank YOU Goodwill) The Art Of Animation. Sure, the book is more or less just a promotional piece patting their own backs for the just-released Sleeping Beauty, but it gives a rare insight into the Disney studio as it stood in 1958. I hope you enjoy the pics, because  it’s a pain to scan old books.

See the guy who’s singing? That’s Pinto Colvig, Goofy’s voice!

Frank & Ollie seem to be working on an already finished cel.

The legendary ‘Nine Old Men‘ in the sweatbox from left: Ward Kimball, Frank Thomas, John Lounsbery; 2nd row Eric Larson, Marc Davis, Milt Kahl, Woolie Reitherman,

top row; Ollie Johnston and Les Clark.

Cartoonist used to smoke  while drawing. This guy couldn’t be bothered to hide his cigarette for a promotional pic.

A tastefully covered model.

Ward Kimball is my favorite. I cried when he passed.

Sorry, sweetheart. Animation is a man’s job. You can ink and color, though.

The future of animation? It doesn’t look good, Walt. Doesn’t look good.

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