A Hoary Special 9Sense

erin in hell

Good evening, Boils and Ghouls.

Pour yourself a tall glass of eyeballs or whatever other kinda weird shit you got, cuz this episode of 9sense is straight from the devil’s funny bone.

Adam Campbell was joined by the queen of the darned Erin Cassavaugh for the entire fuckin’ bedeviled  episode. Listen to Adam and Erin discuss being bullied as a grown-ass Satanist, your chances of gettin’ shot in the head and how far we’d go to save booby pictures. (The answer: not very.) Also, as if this wasn’t satanic enough for you, Erin yaps to Darren Deicide about blind old men that murder for fun with their git-fiddles.

 Listen to me minions, and you listen to me good. These two fearsome fiends have some sorta evil chemistry, and I, for one, loved the yucks. 

19 May, XLVIII A.S.


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