ANOTHER sneak preview of Rashy Rabbit 7

So, this is how the magic happens, how the fudge is made, how the, uh,um.  I guess I am all out of analogies now.  Here’s another super-secret sneak preview of the STILL untitled 7th issue of Rashy Rabbit. I am almost done with the thumbnailing process. I guess I have to start writing a script. I am thinking of just blowing these up, printing it as blue line art and inking directly on the bastards.  That’d save me the process of tracing in pencil. I really need to speed this crap up. I got many Rashy tales to tell and not much time. Y’see, I am dying. Not really. Well, one day I will.

Published by Josh Latta

Mr Josh Latta was born in 1853 to a family of tamed Pleistocenes. he was raised as a small child, entering into adulthood on the eve of his 7th birthday as was the tradition of the day. in 1867 he undertook a course in multi-reptile wrestling ending his career as 'croc-tussler' after an unfortunate shallow-river related accident cut short the life of a young crocodile. moving to rural Sheboigan in the fall of 1872, he made a good living raising fancy roosters and painting murals across the town depicting the various lascivious secrets of the townsfolk. driven out of town in the spring of 1873 he found his way to Utah where he was Flaneur in Residence at the Foundation of Gentlemen and Cultured Guinea Pigs (now the Foundation of Water Fowl and Cultured Guinea Pigs) until a scandal involving twin milkmaids and a churn of cream called for his resignation. Latta entered into the history books in 1899 for his lifesize construction of Monument Valley in matches.

3 replies on “ANOTHER sneak preview of Rashy Rabbit 7”

  1. Looks good. Love boat stories. I still remember the one little boat fantasy in Rashy 2 or 3. Suicide postponed… again.
    I know a lot of mainstream guys just blow up their thumbnails and project them on bristol using those overhead projectors like they used in high school. Where would you even get one of those? Knock over a high school I guess. Of course the average cell phone probably has an app for that now. I don’t know anything about making stuff. I got some pencils and some computer paper.

  2. I usually blow up my thumbnails and trace them, but I mean, that adds at least 40 more hours to the process. I am thumbnailin’ so tight, I think I could go directly to inks. I just don’t know how to print on fancy art paper that’s an odd size.

  3. Yeah. Your tumbnails are tighter than most folks finishes. You could just scan them and print them out on regular paper one or two panels at a time. Print them blue. Then ink that. Scan ’em and photoshop ’em back together. Might save you like 15 minutes per book. That’s how I did Small Bible. (I don’t know anything. Don’t listen to me.)

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