Atomic Books Is The Greatest Store On Earth

Goddamnit, I love Baltimore. Oh, sure, I am southern by the grace of the devil, but man, my new home is treating me well. For one, this city has some of the greatest iconography I have ever seen. The state flag, the orioles cartoony bird head, the Utz broad and that Natty Boh dude. This is a town that can get behind some great art. It’s no wonder that we house the greatest store in the world, Atomic Books. If ever there was a place created to extract my money, this would be it. I walk around in there and think, “I am pretty much into every single product in here.” I don’t get that helpless feeling walking around my local ding and dent shop, I assure you, my fine readers that much. I can also assure you that my credit card is really taking some dings and dents from Atomic Books too. Enough about me, though. Let’s talk things. Things that I bought.  Ah, jeez. I couldn’t stop for even a second!


Garbage Pail Kids [Book] by The Topps Company

by Topps


Fourth grade was pretty much the year when I gave up on school, pleasing teachers, and having a stable future.This was, in no small part thanks to the subversion I received at a young age by these cards. My young mind was blown wide open by the cutting satire, craft, and sheer grossness provided for 25 cents. I was hooked and hooked bad. I wanted to stop in every drug store, gas station, flop house, and comic shop to try to complete my collection.

This book is small and compact, much like it should be, and filled to the brim with lovely shots of the original art. The forward and afterword were nice and informational, Art Spiegelman even discussed the lawsuit and subsequent model change moving away from Cabbage Patch Kid designs more into a generic doll before launching into yet another excuse to talk about Maus. Still, though, I kinda wish there were more sketches and behind the scene info. Small gripe, though. It’ll still be great to have lying around on the back of your toilet. One thing is for absolute sure, there is no way these cards would fly today. That’s progress?



Funko POP Sci-Fi: Mars Attacks

by FunKo

 Speaking of Topps, man, they’ve been firing on all pistons lately. Check out this cute ‘lil guy! I wanna @$!& that brain of his. I’m a big fan of all the Funko Pop figures. I wish I was less of a fan, because the last thing I need is more plastic crap shaped like Mickey Mouse all over the place, but dude, I am only human. We are living in a second toy Renascence. I love all these weird, off-model toys that have been hitting the shelves. No longer are we regimented to the tyranny of boring figures based on whatever movie happens to be out. Where’s the imagination in that? Gimme cute, that’s what I always say. ALWAYS. You know, maybe I could use one or two more of these things.



Early Jazz Greats Boxed Trading Card Set by R. Crumb

by R. Crumb


There is no greater living artist than Robert Crumb. My boy Crumb really pours his heart into drawing black dudes playing old-timey music. These beautifully rendered, fully painted cards have all the jazzy musician stats on the back that you would expect. I dunno. I am just into the pretty pictures. man, that Crumb can seriously draw.


Drinky Crow Party Lights

by Drinky Crow


Do you like to party? Well, do you? See, I got just the thing, and I love things. We got these bad-boys hanging in a window to show the world, well, our neighbors we like alt comics, crosshatching, and binge drinking. The figurative lights alternate between drinky crow, a bottle of grog and a drunken drinky crow. What a shame the strand is so short. I imagine it’d be great for an x-mas tree too. Especially if you like to drink on Christmas morning.


 So, yeah, that’s pretty much all the stuff I got. Erin picked up a Skeptic magazine too. I’ll ask her what she thought of it some other time.

 Sure, like, I know you can get this stuff on Amazon or other stupid places, but if you live in Baltimore I won’t hear of you buying these things anywhere but Atomic Books. I love these guys and they love me. Especially on payday. Ah, who am I kidding? I don’t get paid. Gotta love that credit card.

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