Avatards book?

Well, it looks like I’m really gonna do a tiny (3X4) book of these avatards, but first allow me to do my “market research.”
Does anyone think a book liked that needs to be themed? Like just the ladies? I don’t really think so, but I’m not sure of the angle yet.
I always wanted to be more like a “Garbage Pail Kids” thing and be cute/gross or mean spirited. I guess it didn’t quite turn out that way, but still. Turns out people don’t like being picked on, go figure.
Which ones need to be included? I’m just gonna cherry pick ’em see how it goes, in fact, if you suckers do want them, I’ll keep cranking them out in “series”. Again, like Garbage Pail Kids.(I’m an old-timer.) You won’t know who is gonna be in it until after it’s published. I’m pretty sure I won’t either.
Once I get a little further along in the process, I will set up a pre-order n’all of that.
I need to get on it, I’ll be a guest at Heroes Con this year and I wanna have this ready for my fellow nerds in Charlotte. Hey, who wants to organize a meet-up?
yeah, me either. I’m a lazy, lazy man.

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6 thoughts on “Avatards book?

  1. Shannon Smith

    Color? I’d steal it. If you go the Garbage Pail Kids route you could have a little bio of each tard. The bio would of course be nothing but lies.

  2. Shannon Smith

    Another idea from the Garbage Pail grab bag would be to throw a sticker in each book. Maybe have a dozen or so different stickers so that a person would have to buy 12 copies to get all the stickers. Of course, that is the type of idea that sounds a lot better when someone else has to do all the work.

  3. Shannon Smith

    I’m a genius? Awesome! Would you mind writing a letter to certify that I am indeed a genius? I’d like to give it to my boss and wife for proof. I asked the Wizard of Oz but he said he gave this last certificate to some dumb scarecrow.

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