Baltimore Comic Con In Pictures & 325 Words

So, what’d you do this weekend? Hey, that’s super.

Me? Funny you should ask. I went to my new hometown’s very own comic convention, The Baltimore Comic Con. 

It was kinda a last minute decision, what, with the me not really knowing much about it, but my pal Rico Renzi was gracious enough to offer me my own table a at his table along with my brand-new pal Alex Fine.  What a guy!

Alex Fine drawing Batman or something.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I really don’t go to a lot of conventions and this is one I’ve never even considered doing, guest or otherwise.

Two princes.

I sure am glad I went, though. Not only did I have a blast, but I don’t think I have even done better at  a show. I sold a ton of crap. I even converted some of my cash into more crap and still came out on top.

Rocky,  Mugsy and Junior Bear figures. My life is now complete.

You know what’s great about going to a comic con for the first time? All your old merch is new to them. It’s nice to unload and make way for new wares.

Erin loves sitting behind folding tables all day.

Buy something already. 

I seriously think the organizers of  Baltimore Comic Con should consider extending this show out another day. If I was there Friday too,  I think I woulda walked away with an empty bin.

Someone lost a bet.

The cutest lil’ Hulk you’ve ever seen.

It was great to see my friends Van Jensen, Paige Pumphrey,  John Bennet and Jason Horn, too.

Special thanks goes out to Rico, Alex, The love of my life, Erin and Baltimore Comic Con.

I’ll be back with bells on next year, if you dudes will have me.

Special thanks again to Rico, Alex, Baltimore Comic Con and Erin.

See you again next year, unless of course, I die.

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