Book & Rifle Reviews: Sick Little Monkeys The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story


There are two universal truths so absolute that you could set a watch to them. Executives will muck everything up and the other is that John K is kind of a dick.


I’ve been waiting for a book like  Thad Komorowski’s Sick Little Monkeys The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story for a long time.  Surely we all knew there was more to John K getting shitcanned  than the ‘evil hippy ladies’ didn’t like funny cartoons (although that might have a bit to do with it.) Komorowski’s unbiased book shows there are two sides to every story and sometimes more. Thankfully this book is extensively researched  and includes interviews with cartoonist, the big brass at Nickelodeon and voice actors from the series from the infancy of Spumco to the changing of the guard to Games Studio to the ignominious end of Adult Cartoon Party.


Even if cartoons aren’t your thing, (pray tell, what are you doing here?) this is still an amazing cautionary tale how ego, artistic indulgences and network interference can bring a smash hit crashing down to pieces.

The late 80’s and early 90’s were a bleak time for cartoons, R&S came along and showed us what cartoons could be, without it, I doubt we’d have adult swim or any cartoon with a unique and identifiable style.  However, cartoons have become stagnant once again.  Does Metalocalypse take any real chances? HA!  Does Family Guy have anything at all to say about the human condition? Hell no! Budding cartoonists take note. Television is dead.  Make your own way. If you got something unique and good the world will take notice. Just don’t blow it or get a facelift, okay, dude?


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