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The Wild And Wacky World Of Batman

Wait, Batman is SUPPOSED to be grim & gritty?

Dark Knight Rises In Lattaland

Word on the street in that the new Batman vehicle is pretty dour, depressing and  bloated. Those words could also be used to describe me.

Enjoy these wacky, kooky & zany Batman drawings from me, now in full, breathing, living color.

I mean, I dunno. If you feel like it. I am kinda depressed.

NEW Batman Movie Sketches

I don’t know if you all have heard, but there is a new Batman movie coming out this summer.  Yeah, I know. It’s all, like, on the hush-hush n’ junk.

To celebrate, I sketched all the zany mainstays of the next vehicle. I am pretty stoked, natch, and you should be too. I will be selling these sketches and many, many more at America’s favorite comic book convention, Heroes Con!

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