Heroes Con 2016

Cat is out of the bag. I will be a guest at Heroes Con 2016, June 17-19th in Indie Island. Go check out the list of the top-notch talent that’ll be there. Who knows why I was invited. Anyway, I will fist fight all of you. More to come.

NEW Breaking Bad Animated & Walking Fred Prints!

*BREAKING NEWS* BREAKING BAD ANIMATED and WALKING FRED will be available for purchase at HEROES CON! You can choose from two(2) handsome 11X17 prints suitable for framing.  Liven up your den, office or shanty with this bright, vibrant, colorful artwork. Thanks, Rob Ullman for your hard work on this set. I owe you a beer* *not an actual offer. 

The File Under Other 2011 SPX report.

“Years of retail experience have taught me that there are two types of customers.  Shoppers and buyers.  Shoppers are just there for the experience.  They might buy something.  Buyers are there to buy and the only thing standing in the way of them giving you their money is you.  You have to have something that …