Frankenstein’s Girlfriend

In the interest of blogging more on the new and improved Lattaland site- Quantity over quality I always say!

I post the following:

“Frankenstein’s Girlfriend”

This comic proves once and for all that I am a small and petty man. I don’t wanna embarrass my wife and/or myself so I won’t go into the impetus for this particular comic but I will say is R. Wolfman is a spoof on a local Atlanta artist R.Land. No, I never put a booger on one of his paintings in fact, I’ve never met the guy. I got no beef with him at all. I kinda like his work.

Anyway pals, this comic appeared a while ago (3 years ago, to be exact) in Wide Awake 666 which, I do believe, is still available here.

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Rashy Rabbit on The Comic Book Haters VIDEOCAST

Dear Diary,

How are you? I am fine.

Actually, I’m more than just fine. I ‘m doing great. For you see, The Comic Book Haters didn’t hate Rashy Rabbit 4! In fact, they LOVED your pal Rashy and your other pal ME!
Anyway, check ya soon-

CBH Indie Video Spotlight #1: Rashy Rabbit #4 from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.


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A new review for an old comic

(click on image to read this very nice review)

Well, whadda know?

Rashy Rabbit #3 was in last months’ (May 2008 for those keeping up)Comic Buyer Guide.
It seems as if it was “Indie Comic Of The Month.”

Why didn’t anybody tell me?

Oh, and for the record, Morie is a dog!

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Brad McGinty and Josh Latta on Dollar Bin

Wanna hear the sweet nasally drone coming out of our pie-holes? We talk about things and stuff!

Do I really sound like that?

Uh-oh. This interview was too saucy for the internet. It had to be taken down. You snooze you lose!

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Preview for Rashy Rabbit 4

Does anybody read this? Meh!

Oh well, Check out this preview for the next Rashy Rabbit!

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The Further Adventures Of Morrissey

Face front true believers! Action has a new voice! A sexy voice, that is! Join our hero Morrissey and his teen sidekick, Johnny, for some globetrotting antics in Josh Latta and Lulu Callier’s new series “The Further Adventures Of Morrissey”. Here’s part one of the dangerous tale! Behold…