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The Devil And Mrs. Latta: The Interview


Listen to a hard-hitting interview with Erin and me waxing on about SATAN SATAN SATAN!

But seriously, folks. This was a funny show. We had a good time.

The Devil You Know Podcast added a new video.

Worst Of 2013 List for Forces Of Geek

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Josh Latta
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Worst Movies: Man Of Steel. Remember when superhero movies used to be in color? After a few hours of this downer I wished I was the one with the snapped neck.
Worst TV Shows: Orange Is The New BlackOITNB is just the updated ‘Facts Of Life.’ It sucked then and it sucks now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it has lesbian sex in it, but so does porn.
Worst Books (non-fiction): An Autobiography by Morrissey. I was saddened to read about Moz’s longtime companion, Jake. I thought what we had was special.
Worst Video Game: Don’t get me started on video games.
Worst Songs: It’s Hard Out Here by Lilly Allen. It may be hard out here for a bitch, but it’s REALLY hard out here for those of us without celebrity parents and a million dollar video criticizing the rap culture of excess.
Worst Albums: Yeesus by Kanye West. I can’t wait for it to be okay for us white people to stop pretending like we like this record.
Worst Comic Books / Graphic Novels: March: Book One by John Lewis. What? we got congressmen writing comics now, too? Jeez. Is there any gimmick TOO low for this industry?

Best of 2013: Part One

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Josh Latta: Social Media Queen

5a59f8106e1411e2b20722000a1f97fa_7My pal and incredible cartoonist, Hunter Jin Clark asked me a few questions a while back about the importance of having an internet presence to build/promote a career in comics. While I’m a professional floor mopper slash glory hole attendant I thought I’d take a stab at his questions anyway. Here’s the interview in full, dig it, suckers.

1. What is your primary format for comics? I.e. Mainstream, Small Press, Creator Owned, Webcomics, etc.?

I would consider what I do as creator owned, sure, but mostly I would say is I do a ‘funny animal’ comic.

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The Devil in Mr.Latta: An Interview

Hello, fiends! Welcome back to the most unhallowed place on the web, Lattaland! While you’re here in the hoary netherworld of my website, won’t you listen to this diabolical, and quite frankly satanic interview with me on 9sense?  It’s a pretty great  and scandalous conversation, if I do say so myself.  Forward to the 50 minute mark, to get to the interview, like,  if you are in a hurry to get to a fire or something.

Happy listening, cloven foot one!


Lattaland’s Best Of 2012: Forces Of Geek

Josh Latta
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Best Movies: Killing Them Softly: What a crying shame this movie went over with a thud. From the jarring opening sequence to the hilarious last line. This movie was like heroin to me; totally awesome.  Marley: Look, I’m not really a Bob Marley fan, but one cannot deny he lived quite an interesting life. Just think of how good he woulda been if it weren’t for the Jah bullshit.
Best TV Shows: Boardwalk Empire: Proof that TV is better than movies.  Comedy Bang Bang: Proof that TV is better than podcasts.
Best Books (non-fiction): The Dark Side Of Disney by Leonard Kinsey. Kinsey gives us all of the tips, tricks, scams, and stories that’d have Walt rolling in his cryogenic grave. I love a good scam, especially at a beloved theme park. Life After Deathby Damien Echols SPOILER ALERT  Damien talks about how he killed those kids and got away with it too, dude. Just kidding.

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Erin On 9sense


Infernal greetings, boils and ghouls! Join the satanic baroness of my heart as she talks with Adam P. Campbell about the devil in blues.  I’m certainly excited about the notion of this being a regular feature on 9sense. Give it a listen, if you aren’t one of those easily offended religious types.

Erin’s segment starts at 36:43 if you are in a hurry to get your robes back from the laundry mat.

Oh, and if you see your mother this weekend be sure to tell her SATAN SATAN SATAN!





The Brian Jonestown Massacre in Bad Trip Magazine

Anton, did you sell your soul? A: Well, I tried to but the line was so long I said, ‘Fuck it!’

Like, if you already seen ‘Dig’ you pretty much know the gist of this story on The Brian Jonestown Massacre  from Bad Trip No. 11 October 1997.  Still, though, it’s kinda neat to go back and read about the halcyon days as they were happening n’ junk.

I wonder how many other people out there read a story or two like this on The Brian Jonestown Massacre, or an interview with Anton, then ran out and bought all their records? Oh, how I miss the days when you would buy an album without hearing a note.  The internet ruined all that for everyone. Eh, what am I saying? I love the internet.  In fact,  this little story is a gift to you, internet.  Read quietly, children. Then rock out loud.

Rare John Kricfalusi interview in Ren & Stimpy Exposed Magazine

Where where you in 92? If you were anything like me, you were sitting around thinking about Kurt Cobain’s farts and watching quite possibly the best cartoon ever made for television, Ren & Stimpy.  Of course I was already freshman in  high school by the time this show came around, but it still had a profound influence on me, my sense of humor and my quote unquote art.

I gotta admit, this interview isn’t really all that in depth,  informative, or even rare, but it does have a few nuggets.  John K does discuss his disdain from working from a script, his understanding of classic cartoons and his insistence on keeping all the drawing, voice acting  sound effects and music in house.  Obviously, this is what made this show tighter than John K’s face lift.  Read nicely, children.