Glorp 2017 (yes, I’m late. I know this) Spring review.

Hey, everybody. I’m here to kick ass and chew esoteric character bubble gum logo t-shirts. Wait. I don’t want do either of those things. I remember kicking a kid in the shins once, and I felt bad that whole weekend. Boy, that nostalgia is one hell of an axe wound that always needs filling. You …

The ‘Fuck Josh Latta’ T-shirt is HERE!

I still have a few of these limited-edition hateful and totally inappropriate t-shirts left over from The Fuck Josh Latta Inauguration-a-thon. Now’s your chance to say ‘fuck you’ to the source. Don’t delay. The supplies are extremely limited and I am already sold out of smalls. FUCK JOSH LATTA     SIZES MD $20.00 USDLG $20.00 …

White Denim (the band)

  Following an accident in which Steve Terebecki crashed the tour van into a science lab where a top-secret rock ray was being developed, he had the ability to turn himself into a car that can fly for some reason. No one —aside from his band mates White Denim and their buddy Pockets the sheepdog, know his gas-chugging secret.    

Wing Ranch t-shirts

Hola, my amigos. Dig these classy t-shirt designs I did for my pals at Wing Ranch. I am never sure about anthropomorphizing  the animal you are about to eat at said restaurant, but hey, I am just a hired gun. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of the final shirt on a hot waitress.

Brian Jonestown Massacre’s US Tour (and tour shirt)

So, you guys gettin’ all worked up over the fact that the BJM is coming to your jerkwater town? You should be, not only will original members Matt Hollywood and Joel Gion will be there, but you can also buy the  old-school-stadium-tour-style-tee-shirt I illustrated slash designed for this joyous occasion. This is the actual lineup, …