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New Character Parade





Ever wonder how I make my living? Ever wonder what I do with my days when I am not crying and shooting smack? Well, I am gonna tell you anyway. I design such lovable characters as the ones you see above. Sometimes I even move them around through the magic of ‘flash animation’ as well.  Such the life for me.

MORE leftovers

That’s right, suckers. MORE leftovers.

This scene was cut on the account of the angry eyes. Apparently, hooded eyes frightens children, or so I was told many times. What? the same wee ones that are spray painting graffiti behind my house, or the fat tikes at home playing violent video games? Well, I guess kids in after school chess programs might be part of the upper crust and have more delicate sensibilities. I wouldn’t know, I don’t play chess.

Mistake No.1 Uh, oh. “Dot eyes”. I don’t know why I bother with them. Clients ALWAYS hate them. ALWAYS.

Mistake No.2 I made a black guy look black. When a client says they want a”multi-cultural cast,” what they really man is “Draw Caucasians and color them brown.”

For some kooky, goofy reason, this background was changed to green. Yes, everything fell apart after that.

As you no doubt have already guessed, The Indian robot turns into a house and the Italian ‘bot turns into the Leaning Tower Of Pisa AND the Effel Tower, of course(?)

I don’t remember anything about this one. I kinda like it. Painter is good for sponge effects.

This one looked really jagged and pixelated on the screen. Gotta keep those outlines, I guess.

New stuff to come, I promise.


(click to see ’em big and without black background)

Here’s a generous helping of vector drawings from a few years ago for instructional chess videos. Yeah, so these are exactly new, but I never posted them here. Hey, at least I am trying here.

Me N’ The Queen

Hey Kids! Here’s a fun design for you, this is to say, if you find skinny old birds with huge beaks a whole lotta fun. I know I do, kids. I know I do.

Customarily, I send clients lots of  different sketches to choose from when “designing” a character for me to poorly “animate”.  This time, however, I broke the mold then jumped the gun, took the bull by the horns and other metaphors I don’t quite understand. What I am trying t’say here is, sometimes a character’s greatness may not be apparent at first glance. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him dig it, y’know?

I think deserve a raise for coming up with this soon-to-be-beloved  character for K**C****! I am more than sure they don’t mind me telling all of you that either.

Spit Takes Take 1

Ordinary I am not allowed to post my commercial animation here. Today is no exception.

Hey, it isn’t every day you get asked to animated a buncha charcters spitting out their respective beverages in disbelief.  Well, maybe YOU do, but I don’t.

Anyhoo, here’s some animated gifs. Sans backgrounds, animation, fun  and/or other sensitive material.