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Cartoon & Candy Halloween Hootenanny: Porky Pig in Scaredy Cat

Suicide attempts. Hooded executions. Killer mice. This Chuck Jones cartoon from 1948 featuring a rare pairing of Porky and Sylvester has got it all.

‘Scaredy Cat’ is probably the most horrific of the Looney Tunes cannon, so it’s no wonder that the Moms of the world as well as the suits have made short work of it’s original form and it’s been airing censored for eons.  Way to spoil the fun, jerks. Any kid that offs himself because of a cartoon cat deserves to be taken out of this mortal coil.

At any rate, here it is in it’s uncut form thanks to the brave men and women of Romania as well as my pal Chad Kesegi for finding this lil’ gem for me.


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How F*cking Romantic: Cartoons About Love Wild Over You

“Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?”

Hello, gorgeous readers, and hello to the ugly ones too! Have I got a cartoon for you little melon baby collies. This short doesn’t get much play these days, but then again, what Looney Tunes cartoon does? I hate this modern world. At any rate, this short is worth mentioning for shaking up the  skunk chasing the cat dynamic by having the object of desire in the form of a jungle cat. It also seems to be that our hero, Pepé actually LIKES to get beat up. You and me both, Pepé. You and me both.

Cartoon & Candy Halloween Hootenanny: Bugs Bunny in Transylvania 6-5000

 *Witch Cackle*

Hello, Kiddies!

Thanks for joining me on, this, such a fiendish Wednesday morning. Or, should I say, Wednesday MOURNING? *cackling*

Submitted to you is frighteningly last  Theatrical release featuring Bugs Bunny. If you gotta go out, go out with a bang, and that he did, in this rather ghoulishly handsome cartoon co-directed by the hell bound background artist Maurice Noble. .

Sit back and watch 1963’s Bugs Bunny in Transylvania 6-5000.

*more cackling, etc*