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Hello, imaginary audience! It’s been a while, has it not?

I’m sorry that I’ve kinda fallen off with this blogging nonsense lately. it’s not that I haven’t had anything going on. Well, maybe it is, I dunno. Who can tell?

Anyway, I got some stuff coming through the turnpike that I will soon post. I’ve been busy with a new Rashy Rabbit comic and all sorts of dull freelance work that you, my imaginary reader, wouldn’t care to shake a stick at or anything.

Speaking of Freelance (but not of the dull variety), I’ve been doing some flash animation for a client that I have to assume would prefer to go unnamed and not be associated with this blog. In other words, don’t expect me to post the animation, no sir, but I don’t see a problem with posting some of the art and character designs here.

This dude is a chess “knight” themed superhero. Obviously, he’s not suppose to be a serious superhero fighting crime or anything.  My guess is he’ll, uh, fly around and teach chess n’things.

His working name was “Dark Knight” but I think the higher-ups in the company musta had cold feet or something. Now he’s called, eh- I don’t know…something.

The lines look pretty flimsy, but that’s flash for you. Speed is the name of the game,for this client so I choose to use the pencil tool and just go for it.

Honestly, I’ll post more coming up here – unless, of course, I get hit by a bus or something.

Later gator!

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3 thoughts on “Character Designs For Flash

  1. Shannon Bannon Bo Nannon

    That horse head design is great. That’s a hilarious twist on the knight idea. Having the horse’s eyes on top of his head makes it really funny. I’m honestly trying to think of where I’ve seen something like that before and I can’t. Of course, I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far.

  2. Josh Post author

    shhh. Don’t tell anyone…He is what you get when you mix Blue Falcon from Dynomutt,Dog Wonder and Quick Draw McGraw.
    I hope you hadda happy birthday Shannon.

  3. Shannon Bannon Bo Nannon

    Blue Falcon! That’s it! I knew I’d seen the eyes on the top of the head thing somewhere. How could I forget? I used to have a Blue Falcon lunchbox! (Man, I’d kill baby seals to have that lunchbox back.)
    Thanks! I hope I had a happy birthday too.

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