Disney UDF Mickey Mouse Plane Crazy The Review

Disney UDF Series 02 – Mickey Mouse – Plane Crazy

Y’know, after seeing the mouse head representing a big, evil corporation all of our lives, it’s easy to lose sight of Mickey Mouse’s appeal. I have been reading those Fantagraphics Floyd Gotterson reprints and seeing that stuff makes you totally get why Mickey took depression era America by a 4-finger storm.

Let that float around in your head for a second before I tell you this: You should thank Uncle Walt and Ub Iwerks everyday. They gave us the greatest graphical icon of the 20th century. I dunno why on earth they ever changed Mickey’s face to fleshy and gave his eyeballs pupils and new threads. I guess they didn’t trust their instincts. That’s where Disney went wrong. That’s where everyone goes wrong. That’s why computer animated films look so bad. Cartoon characters don’t need irises and pores. The gall of the tasteless, I swear.

Anyway. I like old-timey Mickeys. I sure am glad we now live in a utopic society where you can buy merchandise with him all over it. As much as I love Mickey dinner plates and breast pumps, it’s figures that get me goin’ and Medicom has me covered with Ultra Detailed Figure collection.

This morning, assuming you read this right when it goes up, I will be talking
about the Plane Crazy Mickey. Based on Mickey’s first appearance, this fig should be hitting specialty stores right about now. He was a bit costly, 20 with shipping, but hey, you gotta pay for the Japanese imports. I mean, would it KILL The Disney Store to carry these? I guess it would.

This lil’ guy is painted in glorious and lifelike black and white and appears to be articulated. I haven’t tried to move his limbs yet. I am afraid I would break it. I dunno if I would throw this in a crib either. Who cares, though. I doubt babies would like it. What do they know?

If you got 20 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, you could do a lot worse. Go visit my buds at Big Bad Toy Store. They’ll hook you up. You’ll thank me later. See ya next time. Why? Because I like you. Well, some of you.

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