Donald Duck Drug Story


Every time I bother to leave my squalid home to face the pockmarked landscape of abandoned mini malls that I call my neighborhood, people stop me on the streets to talk about how much they love my duck posts. “Never enough duck posts!” That’s what I always hear.  Good thing my enthusiasm  for cartoon ducks without pants knows no bounds.

Here’s a trippy little drugged-out tale by my favorite cartoonist ever, Carl Barks.  Huey, Dewey & Louie trick “Unca Donald” into thinking that he’d slept to the far-off futuristic year, 1990.  Yeah, it’s your typical Rip Van Winkle scenario, but the ether (used to “doctor his cheap gasoline”) freak-out really makes this never reprinted oddity a great read  around the ol’  lava lamp.

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