Fluke 2011: A Fluking Good Time

I go to Fluke every year, and this was one of them… The end. Just kidding.  I shouldn’t rib you this much before your morning Zero Bar.

Is this communist Russia? Nope, it’s Fluke!

Oh man, I love Fluke.  It’s really my favorite comic show of the year. Why you ask? That’s a pretty pushy question, but okay, it’s because it’s all about the comics, that’s right, comics. Y’see most cons have gone the way of courting Zombie no. 2 from Walking Dead and the old dude that played Mike TeeVee in the original Willy Wonka vehicle to darken their hotel lobbies, but Fluke maintained it’s mission after all these years. (10 at press time -ed.) There is no hierarchy at Fluke, the tables are first come, first serve basis. Whether you are a fresh-faced SCAD student with your first mini, or a grizzled pro,  you get the same Fluke treatment.  Which is, by all accounts, good. Kudos to my buddies Robert Newsome and Patrick Dean for going above and beyond the call of comic duty and organizing this truly unique funnybook expo.

Adam from the Dollar Bin interview Robert and Patrick in that order.

You can find me by searching for Moz’s angsty visage.

Not to sound like I am bragging, or anything, but I gotta admit, I did pretty well at this Fluke, sales-wise and all that. Like I said, though, i am not bragging.  The money has already been blown on snack cakes and temporary tattoos.

Shannon Smith and Josh Latta: I can’t stop counting my money.

Henry Eudy and Josh Latta

People seemed pretty stoked about the latest, and greatest Rashy Rabbit adventure, ‘Droppin’ Anchor.’  I heard lots of nice things about the book and the art inside the book. Thanks everyone. I know funny animals are a tough sell, what, with there waning popularity over the last 5 decades, but you guys make all the blood sweat and ink worth it.

Rashy Rabbit 7

I gotta give credit where credit is due, Droppin’ Anchor’s cover was designed by my main man, J. Chris Campbell. I always trust his intuitions. Chris slam dunked it,  he knocked it out of the park and other sport references I don’t quite get.

J.Chris Campbell

This jam piece by J.Chris, Shannon Smith, Andy Runton,  Ashley Holt & Josh was in loving tribute to Brad McGinty. (RIP)

Mr. Big-Shot signing a comic book.

One thing I need to make abundantly clear, however, is that I don’t just go to Fluke to sell comics. I go to Fluke to trade comics too. Nothing warms my little black heart like reading comic books. I especially like mini comics simply because of their wide array of genre and subject matter. You never know what you’re going to get.  I got a lot, believe you, me I got a lotta comics. In fact, I think I might even tell you about some of them. You may wanna freshen up your drink.

The booty from Fluke 2011

Welp, another Fluke has come and gone, and the stack of comics will stay with me forever. Seriously. I can’t get rid of comics.  The only thing missing? YOU. That’s right, you. Make the trip already. Well, not now, Fluke is over, but next year, true believer.


all pictures stolen from Heather, Adam and Delaine.


For more Fluke coverage listen to Dollar Bin’s fluke podcast with a hard-hitting interview with me .


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  1. Heather

    I hope your FLUKE proceeds have been blown on snack cakes and temporary tattoos and then I hope you review those purchases here. I love your toy and snack reviews.

    It was really fun to hang out and I’m looking forward to Fanaticon for more Wappie good times!

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