Free Drink n’ Draw Decatur

Two posts in one day? Yowsa! I’m on fire!

Last night my main man Brad and I went to Atlanta’s first free Drink & Draw at the Mellow Mushroom in Decatur. No, the drinking part wasn’t free, but the drawing part sure was.

The model, Sadie Hawkins from the famed Blast Off Burlesque, was terrific. Usually at these things, the models like to keeps their limbs close to their bodiesĀ  which makes for a dull composition. Sadie understood that tension in body and contrast in limbs make for a good pose and all o’that.

Apparently there was trivia with prizes too, but I couldn’t really understand much of anything that was being said. Ah well.

One little complaint though, the lighting wasn’t very good in the Mellow Mushroom so a lotta the black in Sadie’s clothes kinda melded together and I couldn’t really see well enough to- Blah blah blee, excuses excuses etc.

I always approach figure drawing with a tiny bit of dread. I mean, I like looking at hot babes being all hot n’stuff, but man, drawing them is humbling.

Great times were had, though, I assure you of that!

So, here they are. Click on my humble drawings.

Kudos to Buddy and Dave from Mellow Mushroom for making drinking and drawing scantily clad women possible in a pizza place without being arrested!

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6 replies on “Free Drink n’ Draw Decatur”

  1. These are way better than mine.

    I’m so bad at this stuff.

    I wonder how come no one has tried doing one of these at an actual strip club.

    Let’s start one. At least you know they won’t let anyone take pictures there.

  2. I like that idea.
    Definitely not at the Clairmont lounge though.
    I know that place is supposed to be “funny” but whatever.

    I vote for “Strokers”.

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