Funko Vinyl Invaders Batman Robot Figure: The Review

Remember that part in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ when Batman turns into a giant robot to save Gotham from a Kaijin monster’s rampage? No? Well, that’s because it didn’t happen, silly-billy. It should have, though.  At least I can pretend it did with this incredible Batman Robot Vinyl Invader figure/sexual totem.

Dude, Funko is really firing on all cylinders lately. I am pretty much in love with their  wacky Pop series, then they hadda go and do this to me. A fool and his money, etc, etc.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought of this as something I would buy, or even consider buying, but seeing it in person at the greatest store on earth, Atomic Books, well,  it was love at first sight.  I can’t walk into that store without dropping a bill or two.

Just look at this crazy stylized 11 inch work of art! I like it because it feels like sturdy toy. Your nephew could slam it around  a door frame and chase a dog with it until his legs give out  from underneath him and it’d still be in once piece. Toys should be toys, y’ know?  Sure, it’d be nice if his fist fired off like a super shogun figure, but that’s really just something else to break when it falls off my totally crooked shelf. What is with those  fuggin’ Ikea shelves? I have yet to find one that doesn’t droop over time. Oh well.  I guess I’ll save that bit for my Ikea shelf review.

My only regret  with this purchase is that I can’t travel back in time and give this Batman figure to my 10 year old self…but I sold my time machine for beer money.

Batman Robot Vinyl figure is available at Atomic Books

Also,you can totally get it here, but only if Atomic is sold-out, okay? 


Published by Josh Latta

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