Ham Radio 50 friends and well wishers

Soulhaits De La Saison, as they say in Canada. Or at the very least, they said it on a Canadian Christmas card I once saw somewhere.

My favorite Canuck, Keith McNally, asked me to introduce a song for his 50th episode of his most excellent podcast, Ham Radio. I picked “For Reverend Green” by Animal Collective and I talked about it some too.

‘Ho Boy, do I really sound like that?

Click away, well wishers.

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2 replies on “Ham Radio 50 friends and well wishers”

  1. Faith No More changed my life too! I guess. My 1s or maybe 2nd high school rock band tried to pull off Epic but it never worked out. I could play both the guitar and the keyboard but not both at the same time and there was no way our drummer was ever going to pull it off. I also like ass-oh-terrific music. I need to steal some Animal Collective. I think they are probably what Brian Wilson was hearing in his head during those years the couldn’t talk or go outside.
    But seriously, Faith No More were important. Once I heard them and Jane’s Addiction there was no going back to the way my brain had been previously configured.

  2. Yep, AC is pretty much all I listen to these days.
    I really think you’d like ’em. I totally get the Brian Wilson vibe as well.
    Ah yes, Faith No More appealed to those who were too scared of the heavy metal kids to get too into metal,I think.
    What do I know?

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